Fans Think This Member of the Duggar Family Is the One Who Will Leave the Family Behind

It’s tough to keep up with all of the Duggars, but fans certainly have their favorites. From the leaders of the household, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, to their older kids who are now married and totally on their own like Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna, fans loving knowing what the family is up to next. Even Jana Duggar, who is the oldest remaining unmarried family member still living under her parent’s roof, garners plenty of fan attention while the younger members fall to the wayside.

Out of all 19 kids, fans have been continually shocked over the years that they’ve all followed right in line with their parents’ religious ways. It seems fans think there’s one younger Duggar child who will leave them all behind, however. Here’s who it is and why.

Fans think Jennifer Duggar will be the one to leave and go her own way

If you’ve forgotten about Jennifer Duggar, you’re not alone. The 11-year-old lives with Jim Bob and Michelle, and being one of the many middle children (she’s 17th out of 19), she’s not often the first Duggar many think of. Even so, eagle-eyed fans notice she could be the one to watch, at even in her preteens she doesn’t seem like the rest of her family members.

In Touch Weekly notes whenever viewers noticed Jennifer on 19 Kids and Counting, she never seemed too happy or excited about whatever was going on around her. Not only that, but her spot as the 17th child is consistently overshadowed with Josie, the youngest Duggar who is often considered a “miracle” by the family due to her complicated birth. And fans have also noticed that when Jenni’s been upset in the past, she frequently ran to Jill instead of Michelle. Now that Jill has her own husband and family, we wouldn’t be surprised if that put a strain on Jenni’s relationship with her parents and remaining siblings in the home.

Some fans think Michelle Duggar mistreats Jennifer

In Touch Weekly notes when talking about Jenni’s attitude, Michelle has called the child “serious and stoic,” which is much different than how bubbly and bright the other Duggars seem to be. And Reddit users seem to think Jenni’s “serious” attitude may be because of mistreatment within the family. As one Reddit user posted in 2018, “The other day, Derick was at the Duggar compound and he uploaded a live video on Instagram. Towards the end of the video, you can see Michelle scolding Jenni. When she notices that Derick’s filming her, she is startled for a split second and then immediately becomes sugary sweet.” The user continued by saying that Jenni’s body language was also off. “While Michelle is berating her, you can see Jenni turning her body away from Michelle, and she looks extremely tense,” they added.

Other Reddit users also agreed with the original poster. “Yikes there’s a lot of red flags in that very short clip. Jennys body language, michelles sociopathic switch to sweetness and the finger wagging which is clearly being used as a threat,” another commented.

She also may have professional aspirations that require college

We know by now that the Duggars are all homeschooled, and college is certainly out of the question for the women. This may be another reason Jenni could leave the family behind for good, however, as In Touch Weekly notes she absolutely adores animals. We remember when Michelle and Jim Bob even got her a guinea pig to take care of, and Jenni was also frequently playing with the neighbor’s dog.

If she was ever to go into a career involving animals, this, of course, would require college. But it may be the last push she needs to break free from her family’s rule. We’ll have to see what happens as she grows up — or if any of her other siblings around her age leave behind their family’s rules first.

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