Fans Think Trisha Paytas Has Hit Rock Bottom After Her Fake Wedding Video

YouTube has served as the perfect platform for many media personalities, and that’s where Trisha Paytas continues to rise to fame. Whether fans know her for her YouTube vlogging, her work in music videos for stars like Amy Winehouse, or her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, there’s no doubt Paytas is adaptable to the small screen and here to stay. Unfortunately, while she may take her career as a media personality quite seriously, her followers know her for her major online drama rather than any of her professional work.

Recently, it looks like Paytas put on another stunt for her followers — her wedding. She claimed she was getting married, and she just recently released a video showing who she tied the knot with. Here’s what she posted and why fans think she’s completely lost it.

Trisha Paytas announced to her followers that she was getting married

Trisha Paytas enters the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house
Trisha Paytas enters the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

Paytas’ fans have been through a ton of ups and downs with the star through the years, but everyone was particularly shocked when she announced she was engaged and preparing for a wedding. “It all happened very quickly,” Paytas said in this video. And she also mentioned that her wedding would take place on Nov. 1. “The chapel is booked, I was talking about it with my manager today on my podcast that comes next week …. He was shook, but I showed him all the receipts …,” Paytas noted. And she then added the receipts for the ceremony to her video.

While it’s nice to see Paytas so excited for her big day, fans were left scratching their heads, as no one knew who Paytas was engaged to. The star revealed that her fiance was a public figure with a private personal life, so she wouldn’t say who it was. “I’m actually getting married, like it’s actually booked,” Paytas laughed on the video.

Her wedding video has finally been released

Since Paytas announced her upcoming marriage, fans have been speculating and awaiting any evidence that the wedding really did go down. It looks like Paytas finally delivered. She posted a video of her in her wedding outfit with her mother walking her down the aisle — and at the end of the aisle was a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt.

It doesn’t look like anyone attended this wedding, either, but Paytas still followed through with a candle-lit ceremony and vows. “This is so exciting. I never thought I would find someone who wouldn’t leave me,” Paytas said through tears. “From the moment I got you in the mail, I knew this was going to last forever. Yes, I had a cardboard Keanu Reeves, but he burned, sadly, when I placed him in my fireplace.” She then ended her speech by stating how happy she is, and she carried the Brad Pitt cardboard cutout out with her.

Fans think she’s hit rock bottom

Paytas posted her wedding video to her Twitter, and it certainly got tons of attention — but most of her followers just grew more worried about her mental state and angry that the video was so hyped. “When you have to lie to get views, you’re doing it wrong. Guess what though? She still goes home to an empty apartment. This isnt ‘genius’ or ‘iconic’ this is sad,” one Twitter user commented. Another added, “Look all jokes aside, when is someone going to get her some help?? Like maybe another mental health stay. I’ve watched her for years and liked her but this year she’s gone mad crazy and it’s sad. Where is her support group!!”

We have yet to hear about how Paytas is going to react to all of this negative commentary, but we’re sure there’s a YouTube video in the making. But we now know that Paytas is, in fact, not married after all!

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