Fans Trend #WonhoIsComing to Show Their Excitement for Wonho’s Solo Debut

Highline Entertainment confirmed that Wonho is preparing to make his solo debut. The singer-songwriter signed with Highline Entertainment earlier in 2020, and fans have been anxiously awaiting his first album. When the label confirmed Wonho will debut as a solo artist soon, fans trended #WonhoIsComing on Twitter.

Wonho | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The singer-songwriter is working on his debut solo album

On July 22, it was reported that Wonho was beginning to work on a debut album. Reports speculated that the album will drop sometime in August 2020. In a statement, Highline Entertainment confirmed that the singer-songwriter is preparing an album, however, the label did not confirm the timing of the release.

“Wonho is currently working on his solo debut album. Please look forward to it,” the label said.

A few days earlier, it became clear that Wonho’s debut would come soon when he announced the official name for his fans, WENEE.

“I am so excited for my new fans name WENEE!! I am so appreciative of your ongoing support. You are the reason for me to be here today, and I will never forget that. I love you WENEE – forever! #WONHO #원호 #WENEE #위니,” he tweeted.

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Fans are excited for Wonho’s new album

On Twitter, fans trended the hashtag #WonhoIsComing to celebrate the singer’s upcoming album. Having complete faith in the singer, fans are certain that Wonho’s album will dominate music charts and award shows.

“A whole album full of songs written, composed & produced by Wonho! Are you ready for this?! #WonhoIsComing@official__wonho,” a fan tweeted.

“Wonho bout to rob all those rookies from all awards because he can #WonhoIsComing,” wrote a Twitter user.

“i cannot wait for wonho to debut and have his songs at the top of the charts #WonhoIsComing,” tweeted one fan.

Wonho is a former member of Monsta X

Wonho first debuted in Starship Entertainment’s group Monsta X with members Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. He departed from the group in October 2019 when he was accused of marijuana use. He was cleared of all charges by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in March 2020.

“The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug investigation team cleared Wonho, a former member of the idol group Monsta X, of all charges against him on March 10th after closing an investigation into the drug, including marijuana,” Starship Entertainment said in a statement.

The company continued, “During the long investigation, we tried our best to minimize media exposure to Wonho and to appoint an attorney to ensure that there are no charges against him. We will continue to fully support Wonho for developing his own career in the future.”

Wonho signed with Highline Entertainment

In April 2020, it was announced that the singer signed with Highline Entertainment as a solo artist and producer. Highline Entertainment is a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, so he is still within the same parent company as Monsta X.

After signing with Highline Entertainment, Wonho released a statement for fans who continued supporting him after he left Monsta X.

“I am deeply reflecting on my foolish and thoughtless actions from the past. I am very thankful to the fans who have given me this opportunity, and I will do my best to repay the support you have given me,” he said.