Fans Urge Sam Smith to Record a Duet With This Pop Icon

Sam Smith — spanning contemporary R&B, Soul music, and Pop — is well-known for their chart-topping hits “Stay With Me,” “Writings on the Wall,” “Too Good at Goodbyes,” and more. With ballads designed to tear at your heartstrings, Smith may be a tenor, yet they effortlessly catalyze a fervid emotional reaction when their voice pitch-perfectly settles on a high note. 

Sam Smith
Sam Smith | Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

While Smith does not need another singer to bolster their career, their admiration for one artist, in particular, has led fans to request a duet. Smith went to see a concert recently, revealing to the world — in all caps lock — that they were “born ready” to watch this artist perform. Smith posted to Twitter on October 21, 2019:


Sam Smith Twitter

To no one’s surprise, fans quickly took to their phones and replied to the singer’s announcement. While many shared stories of seeing the legend perform years ago, others came at Smith with one request: how about a duet? 

Fans want Sam Smith to record a duet with Cher: what song? 

Seeing Cher and Smith perform would be a dream come true. Not to mention, as two well-known advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, they could dedicate the profits to a related cause, or use the duet itself to bring positive attention to the community. However, we get ahead of ourselves. First, the duet needs to happen. One fan responded to Smith:

Sweetie, enjoy your evening 

Hope you get to go backstage and meet her … maybe a duet one day. Do post some pics as well, Sammy.

Twitter User

Other chimed in to support the above request, posting the following: 

A duet please?!?

Twitter User

Would’ve been a dream come true to get a duet from you two

Twitter  User

While many fans just discussed the potential of a duet — focusing on how amazing it would be to see these performers put their voices together — one fan went ahead and suggested the song they should record: 

So like are we gonna get an “I Got You Babe” duet then… just sayin…

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When it comes down to it, fans would love to see Cher and Smith perform and/or record any song together. A whole album would be stellar; however, if we could only choose one song, which one should it be? 

Should Smith and Cher team up to record a Cher classic — like “I Got You Babe” — or put their voices together and take on one of Smith’s songs? Who knows, but let’s just hope Sam Smith and Cher find out about this desire; fans would love to see these two put their voices, hearts, and minds together for a song or two.

Both artists are at the top of their game, and who would deny an opportunity to sing with the Queen of Comebacks, the Queen of Reinvention, the Goddess of Pop, you get the idea.