Fans Really Want Deadpool to Team Up With Jim Halpert’s Family For This Wild Reason

Two of America’s favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinksi, are at it again. The friends may not get together a lot in person, but they have each other’s backs in the comments section on social media. Now, fans decided Reynolds’ Deadpool would be the perfect addition to former The Office star’s latest film family.

The trailer for ‘A Quiet Place II’ came out

Deadpool fan
A fan cosplays as Deadpool from the Marvel Universe during the 2018 New York Comic-Con at Javits Center | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The success of Krasinksi’s directorial debut, A Quiet Place, paved the way for the highly-anticipated sequel. The first came out in 2018, opening doors for new light horror fans.

Ultimately, all the hype pretty much guaranteed a follow-up. A teaser trailer just dropped, with the full trailer to release New Year’s Day. Few details about the movie itself are available but expect to see Krasinksi’s wife, actress Emily Blunt, as well as Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou.

Anyone who’s a fan of the first film knows Krasinski’s character sacrificed himself to save his family. In March 2020, fans will finally see what became of Evelyn Abbott and her children after the terrifying duel with monsters.

John Krasinksi and Ryan Reynolds worked together before

There may be no better duo than Reynolds and Krasinski. The two recently teamed up to star in the forthcoming, Imaginary Friends. The Hollywood Reporter said Krasinkski will write, direct, and star in, while Reynolds will produce, and co-star.

The movie follows a man who talks to other people’s imaginary friends who’ve’ been “discarded.” Some of those friends, “turn to the dark side, and it’s up to Reynolds’ character to save the world from those that become evil.”

Their friendship spans across platforms. From film to real life, Krasinski even trolled Reynolds on Twitter when raising money for charity. With similar brands of humor, The Deadpool actor and The Office star are a match made in bestie heaven.

How does Deadpool fit in?

Naturally, when the teaser trailer for A Quiet Place II released, Krasinski posted it to his Instagram feed in celebration. Fans posted comments to show their support, but none stood out more than the “raise the roof” emojis posted by Reynolds.

It only took that small gesture for fans to run wild with the idea of Deadpool entering the world of A Quiet Place II to save Krasinski’s family.

“I want Deadpool to rescue this family,” one fan commented. “So Deadpool from the original Wolverine movie is going to be in it?” another joked. Others begged for a cameo of the MCU star while some pointed out he couldn’t possibly survive all that quiet.

Either way, it’s an interesting thought that Deadpool might be a part of Jim Halpert’s story in some multi-verse, somewhere. Hey, we can dream.