Fans Want Marvel to Make Some Changes to Loki for the Disney+ Show

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki — our favorite God of Mischief — will receive standalone treatment in the form of a Disney+ Marvel show coming to MCU fans everywhere sometime in the unforeseeable, distant future (2021). 

MCU Loki Actor Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston speaks on stage about life as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Rumor has it that the Disney+ series will boast a villainous Forrest Gump vibe — with Loki traveling to different times and places to influence history as we know it. While Loki went from a treacherous trickster to a resilient hero across the Infinity saga, Endgame reversed the clock a bit when Loki garnered the Tesseract, so it’s likely that the show will explore a less-developed version of the character. 

Loki — a genderless mischief-maker in the comics — will also be portrayed by British actress Sophia di Martino. Reports indicate that Tom Hiddleston will serve as the primary actor depicting the character; however, Martino will step in to play the female version at various times throughout the show.  While all this sounds wildly entertaining, fans have a few hopes for the show. Fans want to see a few Loki adjustments come their way. 

What fans want to be different about Loki in the Disney+ show 

In an online discussion concerning the God of Mischief, many MCU fans noted that the character stopped living up to his name as the Infinity saga progressed. Fans would like to see the character as he is depicted in the comics. Fans want Loki to exist in the gray zone. Fans like when the character is more morally ambiguous, more treacherous, and harder to understand. One MCU fan stated: 

I just want him to become morally ambiguous again.

He was amazing in his first 3 movies.

In Ragnarok/IW tho they basically pretend he’s never been more than a prankster. Oh there goes Loki again, pulling off some cool tricks. Think of your favorite scenes of Loki in Ragnarok and then remember that THIS guy is supposed to have murdered hundreds of innocent humans. It doesn’t really match.

I much preferred Loki as an ambiguous character who isn’t outright evil but also clearly not a pure force for good, than the slightly tricky prankster who ultimately always does the right thing

Reddit User 

Others chimed in, concurring with the above statement, adding that they would love to see Loki turn into a snake, as such a scene would be magic on the small screen. Fans also argue that Loki’s powers have been under-emphasized; in the comic books, Doctor Strange acknowledges that Loki was better than he was with magic, as one fan noted

When it comes down to it, fans just want to see Loki living up to his full potential: a morally ambiguous, treacherous being capable of turning into a snake and wreaking havoc effortlessly with his magical competence. Will fans finally see Loki become the God of Mischief he was in the earlier installments, but even better? All remains to be seen, and 2021 is still quite far off. Here’s to hoping the character receives the impressive illustration fans feel he has been stripped of.