Fans Want To See Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk On This Disney+ Show After His Recent Comments

The Incredible Hulk has been a great asset to The Avengers. Now he’s Professor Hulk, where he has the mind and control of Bruce Banner, but in Hulk’s massive green body. He was able to (almost) crack time travel and snap everyone back into existence. Unfortunately, when Hulk did that to save the world, he also lost his arm in the process. 

Even though Bruce Banner no longer has a functioning arm, he’s still a part of the Avengers. With one film left in his contract with Marvel, where can fans see Hulk next? Mark Ruffalo has an idea. 

Mark Ruffalo on the red carpet at Swing Left's "The Last Weekend" Election Rally in NYC.
Mark Ruffalo at Swing Left’s “The Last Weekend” Election Rally in NYC | Noam Galai/Getty Images

Mark Ruffalo said more Hulk is likely to happen

According to, Ruffalo was in an interview with President of Marvel, Kevin Feige, and said there would “probably” be more of the Hulk in upcoming films. Feige was surely there as a spoiler bumper since Ruffalo sometimes seems to have a bit of a hard time keeping things secret

Regardless, Ruffalo did add a little more of what he wants Bruce to do in his next MCU appearance. “I’d like to see him hang out with some of the new folks, you know?” he said. “Maybe be like a guru to some of the younger ones.” 

Which “younger” Avengers could Professor Hulk mentor?

Since the MCU just closed Phase 3 of their movies and finished their decade-long arc, a few longtime heroes have fought their last battles, including Iron Man and Captain America. But with Disney+ right around the corner, Marvel has a whole slate of new series with new Avengers. So Ruffalo’s comment about being a “guru” to someone younger is a high possibility. 

Of the new heroes fans can bank on, Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop are on that list. Both are getting solo shows but can use a mentor to help them navigate superhero life. But the show that fans are banking on Hulk being a part of is She-Hulk‘s Jennifer Walters.

There’s one upcoming show that fans really want to see him on

After Ruffalo’s comments about being a “guru” or mentor, Reddit users also called for the Hulk to make a cameo or guest star on She-Hulk. User drchillout7 wrote, “He has to appear in the She-Hulk show, I mean if he doesn’t it will feel like such a missed opportunity.” The user also brought up the rumor that Liv Tyler will come back as Betty Ross in the show, begging further for a Bruce Banner appearance.

Another user, BruceBannerfanboy, wrote that Bruce Banner is the perfect person to introduce She-Hulk to the Marvel universe. “Would bet that he introduces She-Hulk in her own series, then return along with her for Avengers 5.” They also wrote that they’re hoping for the show to bring on Joe Fixit, aka Grey Hulk, which is just another part of the Hulk’s subconscious. “We are already used to Mark Ruffalo acting as Hulk all the time, plus it could be a reason for the Hulk character to have some intelligence but still remain savage in fighting,” the user wrote. 

There are also rumors that Amadeus Cho is also coming to the MCU, so it looks like Hulk is getting a lot of new friends to mentor. And as Ruffalo said himself, he’s up for the task.