‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Revealed: Meet Your New Superheroes

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Fantastic fact or fiction? Reports are swirling that 20th Century Fox has finally settled on a cast for its reboot of the Fantastic Four. If true, Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Miles Teller will be suiting up to save the world on the silver screen in 2015.

The four are fresh faces, but their profiles are gaining traction. Mara appeared in American Horror Story and is currently part of the cast of House of Cards. Teller and Jordan recently worked together in That Awkward Moment, which was released January 31. Bell is in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, which was screened at Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival.

Variety first reported that the Fantastic Four franchise would be rebooted in 2009. The next major development came in 2012, when Josh Trank was named as the director of the movie. Trank previously dabbled in the superhero world by directing Chronicle, a movie about three high school friends who discover they possess superpowers at a party. It was Trank’s first time directing a movie, and Jordan was a part of the cast. Prior to that, Trank’s only directorial credit was five episodes of The Kill Point.

In 2013, it was announced that Simon Kinberg (Sherlock HolmesX-Men) would be the writer of the new script, and one month later, the release date was pushed from March 6, 2015, to June 19, 2015. Marvel’s role is financial, and it acts as a producer, as well. The first Fantastic Four comic book appeared in 1961 and was written by Stan Lee. Although created by Marvel, Fox now owns the rights to the story.

According to IMDB, Jordan was the first choice for Johnny Storm/the Human Torch. Kate Mara appears to have beaten out Saoirse Ronan, Allison Williams, and Margot Robbie to land the role of Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman. The part of Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic had several men in the running before going to Miles Teller. Rounding out the foursome is Jamie Bell, who plays Ben Grimm/the Thing.

The Wrap reports that although Teller is currently linked to the role of Mr. Fantastic, scheduling conflicts may prevent him from taking the role. Teller plays Peter in Divergent, a role he will take up again in Insurgent, which is filming a the same time as Fantastic Four.

Fox has released two other installments of the Fantastic Four, starring Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, and Ioan Gruffudd. The movies with this cast were released in 2005 and 2007. Neither was a hit with the critics, but both were successful at the box office. According to Box Office Mojo, each brought in more than $50 million in its respective opening weekend, but in the long run, the first was more successful, grossing over $150 million compared to the second installment’s $131 million.

In the reboot, Variety reports the plot is based on Marvel’s “The Ultimate Fantastic Four.” Ultimate Marvel is an imprint of Marvel and revamps old characters from the franchise, giving them modern-day plot lines. The newest Fantastic Four follows the characters as young adults. The villains have yet to be cast, so it is uncertain who the superheroes will square off against.

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