Farrah Abraham Is Accused of Abuse After Posting This Picture on Instagram

It’s not unusual for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham to post pictures of her daily activities on Instagram. However, she received backlash after posting what some thought was a disturbing photo. Here’s why some people are concerned about Farrah Abraham’s latest social media post.

Farrah Abraham arrives at the Athletes vs Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game at Fairfax High School | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham arrives at the Athletes vs Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game at Fairfax High School | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham likes to say in shape

Abraham stays active. She often posts photos of herself taking boxing lessons or working out at the gym. Her workout photos became more frequent after it was announced she would be participating in a celebrity boxing match against former Flavor of Love contestant Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Abraham later reportedly decided to bail on the boxing match and was sued for $12,000 by the promoter, Damon Feldman.

Why some fans are accusing Farrah Abraham of being abusive and inappropriate

Some fans felt Abraham was being inappropriate, and even abusive, after posting a photo from one of her yoga classes. The reality star decided to participate in a goat yoga class and posted a photo of her with the goat. She was on her yoga mat and the goat was in what some thought was a questionable pose. Although the goat appeared to have her head close to Abraham’s abdomen, some thought it was an inappropriate picture that should not be shared with the public. Other fans accused her of animal abuse and even alerted PETA.

Fan reactions to Farrah Abraham’s goat photo

Fans had all kinds of reactions to Abraham’s goat yoga photo. Some seemed concerned while others were trying to be funny at Abraham’s expense. One person on Instagram responded to the photo by writing, “This is animal abuse. Hasn’t this goat suffered enough?” Another person simply typed “@peta,” while another questioned Abraham’s judgment.

Farrah Abraham | Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Farrah Abraham | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Another Instagram user had bigger concerns about Abraham’s parenting. Considering all the negative media attention and Abraham’s rumored legal and financial trouble, some are worried about her daughter, Sophia. Instagram user dawnydawn67 wonders why the family of Abraham’s late boyfriend, Derek, haven’t stepped in to take Sophia back and raise her.

What I do wonder is why haven’t Derek’s parents gone after Farrah to get Sophia. She is simply not a good parent to be doing the things she’s doing with that kid, like taking her when she gets her butt injections and have Sophia video them and taking her to Dubai so Farrah can take care of her [dates]. It’s all crazy nonsense.

Farrah Abraham’s new job

Fans have also criticized Abraham for her new job. Adult magazine Penthouse recently announced she is their newest book critic. The editors seem to be impressed with her abilities. In their announcement, the publication said they chose to work with the reality TV star because she has a different view on the world. The editors said Abraham has a lot to offer, such as “her unique perspective to reviews of new and classic literature.” Abraham will be responsible for reviewing the works of feminist authors.

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