Farrah Abraham Reveals She Would Adopt Another Child

Farrah Abraham receives her fair share of criticism and most times, it is very well deserved. From making insensitive videos, to publicly name-calling her own child, to photoshop snafus, Abraham’s decisions are not always sound. But what Abraham consistently receives the most criticism for is the way in which she chooses to parent her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Abraham has a long history of being mom-shamed on the Internet. Instagram critics have accused the former reality star of depriving her child of a normal childhood which includes a comprehensive education. Furthermore, they have shown concern that Abraham’s daughter dresses inappropriately for her age and spends far too much time posting on social media.

Concerns for Farrah Abraham’s daughter

Critiques of Abraham’s parenting skills are so rampant that there is even a “save Sophia” hashtag that exists on the Internet, which urges Child Protective Serves to intervene and take the child from her mother. The criticism about Abraham’s perceived shortcomings is expansive, which is why fans and critics alike may be surprised to know that Abraham would consider having more children in the future.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Abraham was interviewed alongside her daughter, Sophia. She was asked quite a few questions about her dating life and her past experiences with the adult film industry. Abraham was also probed about whether or not she had the desire to expand her family. Abraham’s daughter immediately chimed in that she would like a younger brother.

Sophia wants a baby brother

Abraham, on the other hand, wants to find a find partner prior to making her family any larger. However, for the time being, Abraham is perfectly fine with concentrating on herself. “Sophia really hopes that she gets a brother or sister. I just hope I meet a human who’s great enough to do that with. But I’m in no rush. I’m OK being married to myself at this point,” the 28-year-old revealed.

But for Abraham, finding the ideal partner might be easier said than done. The Teen Mom alum has a lot of stipulations for an ideal partner. “What am I looking for in a partner? I would say a partner who is well-rounded, loves my daughter and loves dogs. Just a good, fun, outgoing person. I’m sure all of us who are single, which there are so many of us, are looking for a great human being. But there’s very few,” Abraham confessed.

Abraham dishes on her dating life

While those traits are fairly run-of-the-mill, Abraham has other non-negotiables in place because she is a public figure. “When it comes to dating now, especially after all my therapy and relationship therapy, I’ve just seen some really nasty things in men.“ definitely don’t need anyone dating me anymore because I’m famous or I’m a celebrity. I take that really serious now,” the Teen Mom alum shared.

“I definitely know what I’m looking at now when it comes to personalities and behavior and human behavior, I don’t take any chances anymore. They sign NDA. They’re not allowed to call press or other people, be friends with reporters. I take it really serious,” Abraham concluded about her ideal mate.

Abraham would consider adopting another child

It seems Abraham is convinced that her perfect partner might be pretty difficult to find and thus could make it harder to have more children in the future. Because of this, Abraham says she’s open to adopting a child later on in her life. Right now, however, all of Abraham’s attention is placed on her daughter.

“I’m OK with adopting. Sophia is my one and only right now. We have a happy family. We’re great right now,” Abraham stated. We’re not convinced that Abraham knows how challenging, competitive, or pricey adoption can be, so it’s great that her focus is all about Sophia for the time being.