‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Says She’s Open to Adoption and Marriage

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is full of surprises. She recently said she was done with dating and didn’t want any more children. However, just weeks later, Abraham says she’s open to adopting a child and she wouldn’t mind getting married one day. It seems Abraham just follows her heart. Here’s what the reality TV star said about her love life.

Farrah Abraham |  Greg Doherty/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham joked she made a lot of money from being single

Abraham became a single mom after the father of her daughter, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident. However, during an interview with Hollywood Life, she joked about the positive side of being single, saying it has helped her earn a living. “I mean, if anyone, I’ve probably made the most money off of being single my whole life. So, you’ve got to give it up to me for that,” she joked.

Farrah says she uses dating apps

So, how is Abraham meeting new people? The former Teen Mom star said she jumped back into the dating pool by getting on dating apps. Her dating app of choice is Cove. “I know how to play the dating game very well,” she told Hollywood Life. This app lets daters connect through text, audio, and video.

Farrah felt used by some of her exes

Farrah Abraham |  Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

During the Hollywood Life interview, Abraham mentioned she was on the reality show Ex on the Beach with her ex-boyfriend Simon Saran. She said she felt used by him and was surprised that a man would take advantage of a single mom. “I saw a lot of use of myself as a single mom. I just didn’t understand a guy trying to use a single mom so much. It was just very eye-opening. It just came to like money, friends. At the end of it, I saw how petty some people can be. And that does affect a mom and her daughter when they do date someone like that,” said Abraham.

Farrah says being a single mom requires her to be careful about how she dates

Although Abraham appears carefree in her Instagram photos, she told Hollywood Life dating as a single mom requires her to be selective about when she dates and who she brings home. “For a lot of my single-parent friends it’s very tricky with us dating… it’s really a balancing act. However we’re dating, running our companies, having our families, and trying to put dating in there, it is a serious decision. And I think that’s why I’ve said I don’t need to date. If it fits into my life, it does, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” she said.

Farrah hasn’t given up on love and children

Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Abraham doesn’t see herself getting pregnant again but doesn’t mind having more children. “I’m open to adoption… If I ever have a relationship again, it’s going to be a marriage, it’s going to be everything couples do. But if it’s not the right thing, I’m not going to make someone be there and make them go through all that. I’m always open for the right situation.”

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