‘Teen Mom’ Alum, Farrah Abraham Has People Concerned About Her Lips

Just a week after her controversial Christmas Tree video, Farrah Abraham has people concerned over a new video. Now, more than ever before, fans and critics of the Teen Mom alum are disturbed by the sheer amount of plastic surgery she’s gotten done. Abraham has been fairly candid about the ways in which she alters her physical body. To many people’s dismay, she even posted videos of her butt injections to Instagram earlier this year. But, despite Abraham’s perceived love of body-altering surgeries, injections, and fillers, people have never stopped warning her about the possible, harmful effects.

Farrah Abraham poses before an event
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge

While Teen Mom fans have expressed their concern for Abraham before, a new video has people seriously worried about her body. Abraham’s lips, in particular, have garnered no small amount of scrutiny. On December 16, 2019, the 28-year-old took to her Instagram page to post a new video of her getting treatment done to her leg veins. In the video, Abraham addresses the camera directly before zooming in on her legs. Many people noticed that when she put the camera in selfie mode, her lips appear a bit out of sorts to the point where they actually look rather lopsided.

IG users crack jokes about Farrah Abraham and her lips

Critics didn’t waste a second before they began cracking jokes on Abraham’s behalf about her lips. “Ha ha ha ha her lips are so jacked!!” one person wrote. “Lookin like Marge Simpson with that upper lip 🤣😂” another commented. “Your lips look like hitch after food allergies,” one Instagram user commented, referencing the popular romantic comedy starring Will Smith. Others were merely taken aback by Abraham’s lips. “What the eff is up with your upper lip?” one person questioned. “Her poor lips are all messed up,” another co-signed.

Fans feel Abraham looked better before plastic surgery

Other critics felt it prudent to tell Abraham how much better she looked before she began with the plastic surgery procedures. “Girl your lip lopsided 😩 you were so cute when you started out on teen mom now you look like Ken doll or cat lady 💔,” a Teen Mom fan commented. “I honestly feel so bad! You obviously have a problem and can’t see how crazy you look. You were so pretty b4 all the surgeries and lip pumper uppers lol just why😭😭😭,” another added. “Stop making your upper lip bigger than the bottom one. You were fine before all the surgery,” one person urged Abraham.

Teen Mom fans beg her to stop with the procedures

Teen Mom fans were also baffled by Abraham’s decision to worry about her legs, rather than the rest of her body. “Omfg, you’re worried about your damn legs but you pay thousands of dollars to make your face look like that. It’s seriously so sad. You were so pretty. At least let your lips go back to normal. I promise they used to look 100xs better. 😭😭😭,” one person begged.

“These things we were born with are natural and because we need them… it’s not healthy for our bodies to keep injecting/laser foreign things in us..u r naturally beautiful so I don’t really understand y ur changing everything on ur natural body,” one confused person added. Ultimately, while some people actually have Abraham’s best interests at heart, it’s up to her to decide what’s best for her. As long as she’s getting her procedures done in a safe and reputable way, who are we to pass judgment?