The Shocking Reason Fans Are Comparing Farrah Abraham To Britney Spears

Teen Mom alum, Farrah Abraham, is never short on heavy criticism and controversy. Fans and foes of the Ex On The Beach reality star are constantly questioning Abraham for her plastic surgery, career choices, and the way she chooses to parent her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. But now fans and critics alike have something entirely different to say about the 28-year-old. Recently, Abraham has been compared to none other than the pop legend, Britney Spears. But what is the reason for this strange and ridiculous comparison?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Bottle cap challenge video

Earlier this week, Abraham took to her Instagram page to post a video of herself completing the Bottle Cap Challenge. Yes, the challenge is as stupid as it sounds, but many celebs have opted in on it. The challenge calls for you to record a video of yourself kicking a cap off of a bottle. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Hailey Beiber have shared videos of themselves successfully completing the challenge, even after Mariah Carey became the undisputed champion by singing the top off of her bottle.

A cringe-worthy IG video

Never one to miss one minute of fame or attention, Abraham quickly posted a video completing her own challenge. The video, which was recorded on Tik Tok, features Abraham fumbling to put on latex gloves, flailing her legs around in an attempt to kick the bottle, speaking in an uncomfortably edited high pitched voice, and finally awkwardly twerking in between attempts. The video is even more cringe-worthy than you are imagining and truly has to be seen to be believed.

Comparison to Britney Spears

Following the uncomfortable video, fans began to question whether Abraham is on drugs and some even went so far as to question the 28-year-old’s mental stability. That’s when the comparisons to Spears began. “She’s almost at 2007 Britney” one user commented under the post referencing a time when Spears went through a struggle with her mental health. The comment quickly gained a whopping 651 likes, and other fans quickly chimed in, agreeing with the statement.

“I was legit just thinking the exact same thing lmao” another user wrote. Others argued that even in her darkest days, Spears had never acted out as badly as Abraham. “Britney never acted like she was this looped out. this girl here is on a whole other level far beyond Britney. Is this behavior common coming from her and since when?” one critic questioned.

Far from reality

Abraham does seem to be a little farther removed from reality as of late. When she was asked how she stays grounded in a recent red carpet interview, she came up with this disjointed and awkward response. “I stay grounded…I don’t know Austin, Texas. I stay in Austin Texas, it’s really grounded and I love that so much…so umm. Sorry someone was being naughty” the former reality star said losing her train of thought.

No regrets

Though the 28-year-old has been receiving tons of negative feedback about her controversial social media posts and life choices, she seems to be pretty unbothered by other people’s opinions of her. In fact, Abraham stands by every decision she’s ever made. The Teen Mom alum confessed that she doesn’t have a single regret in her life. “Never. No regrets. It’s Farrah 2.8” she boasted when asked if she had any regrets, also taking the time to reference that she’s in her 28th year of life. So, while we may question or even disagree with Abraham’s choices, as long as she can live with herself, who are we to judge?