Farrah Abraham Comments on Her Own Clap Back to Instagram Haters; ‘so True’

Farrah Abraham might have 2.2 million followers on IG, but the former reality star also has thousands of haters that flood her social media pages on a daily basis. One only has to look at the comment section on her YouTube or Instagram pages to see a litany of hate. Critics give Abraham grief for practically everything she does. They are quick to criticize the way she looks, talks, her intelligence, and, of course, the way she chooses to parent her 10-year-old daughter. In the past, Abraham has mostly ignored the hate, but recently she’s been firing back at those who criticize her.

Sophia Abraham & Farrah Abraham IG
Sophia Abraham & Farrah Abraham | Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Consulate General of Switzerland

A new YouTube video

Taking to her IG page, Abraham advertised her latest YouTube video. Calling the video a skit as part of her Docu-Comedy series, she urged viewers to go check it out. The videos haven’t performed well in the past. In fact, the last one triggered tons of controversy because she used the video to blatantly imply that her daughter was a manipulator. Still, it seems that negative responses won’t stop Abraham from trying as she posted the video.

Clapping back to haters

Shortly after the video was posted, the negative comments came flooding in on YouTube and IG. Rather than ignore the harsh messages, Abraham chose to clap back with a strange response. “Do you haters listen to what you type? You clearly have no idea who your speaking about your confused and like your vote didn’t count at election your comments hear very much don’t count BYEEEEEEEE DELUSIONAL HATERS,” the 28-year-old wrote. Not only was her clap back confusing, but it was also riddled with grammatical errors.

As if clap back wasn’t bizarre enough, Abraham made is stranger by leaving additional IG comments under her own clap back. “So true 100%” one comment read with hearts. Another comment, posted by Abraham, featured several crying laughing emojis. Almost immediately, fans began critiquing Abraham’s clap back and making conjectures about why on earth she would comment back to herself.

Fans think Abraham meant to comment as her daughter

“She replies to her own comments. Not working with the best and brightest here,” one IG user wrote, questioning Abraham’s intelligence. “Did you forget to sign out of your account (& in on Sophia’s account)? Why are you replying to yourself hear… oh, I meant here???? ,” another IG user wrote, implying that Abraham has been impersonating her daughter on social media before making fun of her grammatical errors. As Abraham’s daughter did make an identical comment a short while later, that theory might just pan out. Other users believed that Abraham had to @ herself because she didn’t have any real friends or supporters.

Rookie mistakes

Other IG users thought Abraham’s clap back was insanely ironic, due to the fact that her comments are always ridded with errors. “You of all people should be asking yourself that very same question!!! Do YOU ever read back out loud to yourself what you type?!?!?! I mean, this whole comment section that you just left …eat your own words Farrah,” one critic wrote back. Others were just confused overall. “Do you mean the click on the phone when we type? I’m confused as to how can we hear what we type? Is that like a superpower or something,” one person questioned.

Abraham won’t tolerate negativity

The negative comments have continued to pile up. Though Abraham tried her best to call out the haters, it seemed she only added fuel to the fire. Even when she took a softer approach, people still continued to drag her. “The negativity and hate will not be tolerated on this page – keep your negativity to yourself,” Abraham wrote later on. However, IG users continue to ply her with negative comments.

With the amount of hate Abraham gets on the daily, we’d encourage her to lay low for a while and maybe take a break from social media. At the very least, she could consider disabling IG comments for a bit. But everything we know about Abraham tells us she’s not likely to do that anytime soon.