Did Farrah Abraham Crash the Venice Film Festival? IG Users Think So.

Farrah Abraham just can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. After a recent trip to Italy for the Venice Film Festival, the 28-year-old found herself right in the center of controversy. Between a wardrobe malfunction that many critics are calling calculated and her red carpet appearances with her 10-year-old daughter Sophia, the former reality star is catching some serious heart. Now, Instagram users are convinced that Abraham was never invited to attend the Venice Film Festival in the first place and that she crashed the red carpets. But, is there any truth to that?

Farrah Abraham in Venice
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Venice Film Festival

“All the Fashion on the Red Carpet #venicefilmfestival. Venice Italy Film & Fashion & Sophia Abraham took on her first carpet in Italy!,” Abraham captioned a recent video of her and her daughter walking the red carpet which she posted to Instagram. In the video, the pair poses several times before a man seemingly tries to move them along on the carpet multiple times. Fans immediately noticed that the paparazzi paid little attention to Abraham and quickly made their observations known.

Red carpet gone wrong

“Lol the guy wanted them off the red carpet,” one Instagram user wrote. “So did the woman in the beginning. 4 times she was told to leave and she refused lol,” another added. “Funny to see all the photogs that were not taking their pictures and then to see them rushed off by the carpet handlers,” one person stated. Others even questioned why Abraham would even put up the video of her attending the Venice Film Festival. “The first woman tells her to be quick and then another dude tells her to hurry TWICE. Why would you put this up? It’s embarrassing,” the critic declared.

Other critics were adamant that the Venice media didn’t want Abraham at the event at all. “I hope you’re embarrassed. Lmao notice how she hasn’t been to any of the Americans Red carpets lately? Cuz nobody invited her she’s gotta look into other even in different countries. @farrahabraham girl they didn’t even want u there,” one person declared.

Did Abraham crash the film festival

Some people found the situation particularly hilarious and cited another time where Abraham allegedly crashed a film festival. “I have NEVER in my life laughed SO HARD. they told you to get the f off the red carpet more than 3 times and even said she has to dismiss bc they have stars arriving. She pulled another Cannes… And dragged a 10 yr old innocent kid along for the ride. Way to f your child’s life up before she even had a chance,” the Instagram user declared.

Others were adamant that Abraham was not invited to the Venice Film Festival red carpet and that she was crashing. “Just letting you all know…those pictures she keeps putting of her and her daughter on some Italian red carpet and she’s out there waving… Actually she was not supposed to be on the red carpet and security was rushing up getting her Off the Carpet! Therefore.. embarrassing herself and her daughter more, just like a few years ago when she and her mother tried to crash a white party up here in The Hamptons, she made it about 5 mins and Security showed them the door and off the property real quick,” one informed critic commented on the video.

Do it for the ‘gram

The media has confirmed that Abraham was, in fact, invited to at least some parts of the Venice Film Festival. Whether she was invited to all the red carpets she attended remains to be seen. Either way, Abraham got her pictures and video for the ‘gram, which was likely her top priority to begin with.