Farrah Abraham Has a List of People She’ll Never Date

If you were hoping to go on a date with former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, your chances might be slim. Abraham knows exactly who she will and won’t date. She went through her checklist during a recent interview with Hollywood Life. Here’s what Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham had to say about the people she would never date.

Farrah Abraham |  Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Farrah Abraham | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Farrah Abraham once swore off dating and kids

Before speaking with Hollywood Life about marriage and adoption, Abraham once said she was done with dating and kids. The reality star told The Blast she finally realized she is a good parent and she encouraged other parents to “give themselves a pat on the back.” Abraham then joked about making a lot of money from being single. She also mentioned that although she is on some dating apps, she swore off dating. “I just stopped dating. I do have fun with dating apps, but I don’t really go on dates anymore.” When asked a question about labor pains, Abraham quickly shot back, “I’m not ever gonna have labor pains ever again.”

This is who Farrah Abraham won’t date

When asked about her dating life, Abraham was very clear about what it would take for her to choose a partner. One thing the reality star made clear is that she won’t date a friend’s ex. Although Abraham had the opportunity to date someone else’s ex during her time on the MTV reality show Ex on the Beach, she said that’s not her style. “I don’t do that,” said Abraham. “You’ve got to ask yourself what kind of dater you are. Are you going to take someone else’s man or are you going to find some new territory and hunt that out?”

Abraham continued to list the people she would never go on a date with:

I just want to not date anyone from my productions… no sports players, no entertainers. I’m open to probably dating a director or something of that nature. They have to help you rise higher and I would say most of the little pond that I swim in right now do not help me rise higher, so I don’t swim with that.

Farrah says she’s more selective because she’s a single mom

Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Although Abraham enjoys her life by traveling often and pursuing her professional dreams, she told Hollywood Life dating as a single mom requires her to be selective about when she dates and who she brings home. “For a lot of my single-parent friends it’s very tricky with us dating… it’s really a balancing act. However, we’re dating, running our companies, having our families, and trying to put dating in there, it is a serious decision. And I think that’s why I’ve said I don’t need to date. If it fits into my life, it does, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,” she said.

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