Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Claps Back to Her Mom’s Grounding Threats ‘No More Money for You’

Farrah Abraham receives a lion’s share of backlash these days. However, her harshest criticism stems from the way she chooses to raise her daughter, 10-year-old, Sophia. Born on MTV’s hit show, 16 and Pregnant, and later featured on the subsequent spin-off Teen Mom until Abraham’s firing, Sophia is no stranger to the spotlight. And, it seems that that the child has a love for recognition just like her mother. Abraham has been candid about the fact that her daughter is hoping to pursue a career in entertainment, with specific emphasis on modeling and acting.

Farrah Abraham and daughter, Sophia Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham | Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for Mashup LA

Aside from Sophia’s ambitions in the entertainment world, she is also establishing herself as a micro-influencer on social media. On Instagram, the child currently boasts 646,000 followers. She also started her own YouTube channel recently where she does product promotion, makeup tutorials, and lifestyle videos.

Teen Mom fans are concerned for the child

But, this behavior has caused concern amongst fans and critics of the Teen Mom alums. People are concerned that Abraham has been exploiting her child by forcing her to create content for money. Abraham herself posted a video to YouTube where she called her daughter out for not doing her social media assignments. Now, another video show has added fuel to the rumor mill.

Farrah Abraham posts a new IG video

On December 6, 2019, Abraham posted a video to both her Instagram and YouTube pages that features her and her daughter doing an ASMR challenge. To honor the holidays, they eat homemade cookies together and drink milk a la Saint Nicholas. “ASMR CHALLENGE! Happy Holidays with Santa’s cookies & milk challenge … well, I don’t know if Sophia is going to get what she asked Santa for Christmas… and it’s hard to argue when your [sic] doing ASMR. Show love,” Abraham captioned the video on YouTube.

Abraham’s daughter claps back to grounding threat

While some people were pleased to see Abraham spending time with her daughter, others noticed some red flag behavior. Not only does the 10-year-old pretend to flip her mother off, but the pair also get into a whispered argument and fans quickly took note. Around the nine-minute mark, Abraham threatens to ground her daughter for her behavior and Sophia flippantly states that her mother already told her she was grounded. Abraham then begins to clarify the extent of her grounding by saying she won’t be allowed to make videos or use the popular app, TikTok. “No more money for you,” the 10-year old fires back.

Fans express concern on Instagram and YouTube

Fans and critics alike took notice of the commentary. Some seemed to feel that Sophia’s statements confirmed that Abraham was exploiting her. “Did you see where she threatens Sophia and grounds her for nothing doing this vlog right. Then tells her no more tik tok and Sophia tells her no more money. Confirming Farrah is exploiting her child for cash!” one person commented on Instagram. “Love when these videos don’t go as planned for Farrah…like when Sophia says ‘no more money for you’ if she stops making TikTok video,” another person wrote on YouTube.

Others simply felt bad for Abraham’s daughter and felt that she wasn’t being properly taken care of. “She’s high as he*l in this video along with others! I really feel bad for that little girl,” one concerned Instagram user wrote. While we can’t judge Abraham’s entire relationship off of the strength of a few YouTube videos, there have been a few other red flags. We hope that Sophia is making content because she enjoys it and not just to be the breadwinner for the family.