Farrah Abraham Critics Are Concerned About Her Daughter’s Schooling

Farrah Abraham and her daughter, Sophia, have had quite an eventful end to their Summer. In the past few weeks, the pair have traveled to Italy for the Venice Film Festival, vacationed in Paris, France, and most recently attended New York Fashion Week. But as Summer winds down, many critics are getting increasingly concerned about Abraham’s daughter and her schooling.

Sophia Abraham & daughter Farrah Abraham school
Sophia Abraham & Farrah Abraham | Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

At 10 years old, not only is it important for Abraham’s daughter to be in school and getting an education, but it is required by law. However, with copious amounts of travel as well as an unpredictable schedule, it’s obvious that Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, is not going to traditional school. This practice is not uncommon for those who are pursuing a career in entertainment as Sophia Abraham appears to be.

Does Farrah Abraham’s daughter attend school

In lieu of attending a traditional school, there are options for children who are famous, public figures, or simply have a hectic schedule. Those options include online schooling or being homeschooled by parents. Abraham has stated that her daughter participates in the former because the pair travels so frequently. Online school is probably the best option for the 10-year-old as Abraham herself struggles a great deal with spelling and grammar. Furthermore, her recent gaffe, referring to 9/11 as 7/11, shows that she might not be the best-equipped for homeschooling Sophia.

IG critics think Abraham is sabotaging her daughter’s education

But despite knowing that Abraham’s daughter is being educated online, many people are still concerned about her schooling. Some people feel that Abraham doesn’t have a real reason for insisting that her daughter doesn’t attend traditional school. “On your podcast the other day you were emphasizing that Sophia HAD to go to online school bc of the traveling you do. Dude, you are not traveling bc it’s mandated. No one invited you to the Venice Film Festival! No one cares that you were at NYFW! You choose to try and make yourself relevant, no one cares,” one IG user commented on a recent post of Abraham’s.

Critics express concern on Instagram

Other people were concerned that even though Abraham’s daughter is receiving an education, it might not be up to standard. They are concerned that some of her spelling and grammar skills indicate that she is falling behind. “If you saw her stories the other day, she made these jokes about haters looking like fried pickles. She spelled pickle wrong (pickel) and the other one I forget off top of my head, but it was not even proper English and spelled all wrong. So I would bet a lot of money that she probably still reads and writes and spells like a 1st grader!! She has no real education. It’s sad,” one Instagram user pointed out.

Whether Abraham’s daughter attends a traditional school or attends online school makes no difference to us. As long as the child is getting a quality education, it doesn’t really matter. Of course, we hope that she has the opportunity to interact with other children her age to develop those social skills that traditional school often provides. Furthermore, we hope that Sophia is learning at a level that is appropriate for her. Ultimately though, it’s up to Abraham to decide what’s best for her daughter.