‘Teen Mom’ Fans Think Farrah Abraham And Her Daughter, Sophia, Can Pass For Twins In This Video

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to tons of attention and harsh criticism. Despite being fired from the hit MTV show, Teen Mom, the 28-year-old and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, remain in the spotlight. With a combined Instagram following of approximately 3 million people, the pair have no shortage of critical eyes on everything they choose to post. Now fans of the pair have spotted some uncanny similarities between the mother-daughter pair and have wasted no time pointing them out.

Farrah Abraham celebrates daughter Sophia's 10th birthday
Farrah Abraham & Sophia Abraham| Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Instagram tribute

In honor of throwback Thursday, Abraham took to her Instagram page to share a video from when she was a child. In the video, an adorable Abraham is riding a tricycle with the utmost vigor and concentration. She rides up and down the sidewalk with two boys, who are presumably family members, her dark hair streaming out behind her. Finally, she spots the camera and breaks out into a huge grin, taking one hand off her handlebars and waves enthusiastically. Along with the video, the 28-year-old posted an utterly nostalgic caption recollecting on her childhood joys and her grandfather, who was behind the camera.

Abraham’s adorable IG video

“Tbt I gotta thank my grandpa for this one in memory of his birthday this month… my childhood with the gang. Videos of me growing up are priceless and times when you were there for my school plays, track wins, show choir trips & being there for the most memorable days of my upbringing” the Culture CBD owner began, reminiscing on the most special times she shared with her late grandfather.

The former reality star then continued on to share how her grandfather cultivated her love for the camera. “Before tv, before drama, before school, being the youngest and entertaining myself; showing love to the camera was always my thing. Love you grandpa for showing me we all can be stars,” the reality star said.

A note of positivity

The former teen mom ended with a note of positivity for her fans. “And I hope you all know you’re stars. Let yourself shine no matter where you’re from. Take off all the imaginary world pressures and go big this last half of the year. Make quality, define your generation & shake it up! RIP grandpa, you were a talent to be recognized,” Abraham concluded.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia

But despite the long message about her grandfather, fans were quick to notice something else about the video. That was the uncanny resemblance that Abraham bore to her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, in the video. If not for the grainy quality dating the video, it would be hard to tell the two apart and fans immediately began to comment on the resemblance.

An uncanny resemblance

“Your daughter looks just like you,” one user wrote in the comment section. “Wow, you look so much like your little girl on this video,” another wrote. “And suddenly Sophia looks more like you than Derek,” one fan wrote, referring to Sophia’s late father who passed away in a tragic car accident before the 10-year-old was born.


Some fans found the similarities so striking that they believed that Abraham was, in fact, her daughter at first glance. “Had to look twice I thought it was Sophia at first! Twinnies,” one user exclaimed. “Thought it was Sophia at first,” another declared. Others believed that the resemblance was so strong that the two would pass for twins. “Sophia is your twin,” one follower wrote. “Sophia looks exactly like you! Wow, twins,” said another loyal fan.

For all the hate that Abraham receives, it was nice that she and her daughter finally received some positive feedback today. Let’s just see how long it lasts.