‘Teen Mom’: Why Farrah Abraham’s Followers “Want To See Her Hit Rock Bottom” After FaceApp Post

Another day, another way for former Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, to be dragged by her many followers on Instagram. The 28-year-old doesn’t seem to be able to go a day without receiving an overflow of hate on her Instagram posts. Though the former reality star boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram alone, it has long since been speculated that Abraham has a lot of “hate followers” aka people who follow her just to hate on her. However, this theory wasn’t proven 100% true until very recently when Abraham posted her a photo of herself doctored by FaceApp.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)


In case you missed it, FaceApp is a mobile application that uses advanced technology to manipulate a person’s facial features in photographs. Users of the app have made themselves look younger, manipulated their facial expressions, and even transformed into the opposite gender with help from the app. The latest trend from the Russian application is the old age filter, which allows users to get a glimpse of what they may look like in their elderly years. Many celebrities jumped in on the bandwagon and began posting pictures of themselves using the filter and Abraham was, of course, one of them.

FaceApp’s old age filter

Taking to her Instagram, the Ex On The Beach star posted a photo that she’d manipulated with the old age filter alongside a photo of herself getting botox. Written on the picture was “after seeing myself on the FaceApp.” “Y’ALL DOMESTIC GODDESS’S LEGIT JUST DID THIS,” the former Teen Mom star captioned the collage before urging people to enter a giveaway. As expected, a flood of hate came through mere minutes after she posted.

Instagram reacts to Abraham’s FaceApp photo

“Try some procedures to make you pretty on the inside instead since the outside ones aren’t working,” one user wrote, insinuating that Abraham did not have a beautiful personality and needed to spend more time developing that. Other users shamed Abraham and those administrating her botox saying that the way she consistently alters her face is indicative of a lager, mental issue.

Concern for Abraham’s daughter

“Anyone who works on you at this point should have their license revoked. It’s beyond ridiculous what u have done to your face. Seek help, Farrah Abraham. It’s so obv you suffer from extreme body dysmorphia. You are such a poor example for poor Sophia. She is gonna think its normal to want to alter your appearance. I mean a tweak here or there…you’ve gone far beyond,” another wrote, mom-shaming Abraham in the process for how her choices affect her daughter, Sophia Abraham.

IG hate

But critics didn’t stop there. Many of Abraham’s followers then took it upon themselves to tell the ex “Teen Mom” star that they only followed her to watch her demise. “I literally follow you because you’re a train wreck. I love how you’re slowly coming undone and I want to see you hit rock bottom,” one harsh critic wrote. “You’re losing it, can’t wait to see you go all Britney Spears from 2007. Delusional on every level of your life,” another chimed in soon after.

Rock bottom?

Whatever our feelings for Abraham, we hope she is not on her way to hitting rock bottom. She does have a 10-year-old daughter to care for and her mental health directly impacts Sophia. As long as she is happy in the choices that she is making with her body, it’s really not for us to criticize. After all, she is the one who is going to have to live with her choices, wrinkles or not.