‘Teen Mom’ Fans Beg Farrah Abraham to Stop Impersonating Her Daughter

Farrah Abraham is never short on attention. From the moment she had her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, on national television, much of her life has been documented. Unfortunately, the attention that she usually garners is quite negative, especially since she was fired from Teen Mom, the show that made her a public figure. Abraham is no stranger to criticism, but recently she’s been catching heat because Teen Mom fans are fully convinced that she is pretending to be her daughter.

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

From Venice to Paris

According to her Instagram page, Abraham and her daughter are currently vacationing in Paris, France at the moment. This comes after their trip to Venice, Italy, where Abraham made plenty of headlines. The 28-year-old suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival. In addition to that, Abraham appeared to be rushed off a different red carpet when paparazzi appeared uninterested in taking photos of her.

Fans are skeptical of Sophia Abraham’s Instagram

Just last week, the Teen Mom alum caught heat for calling her own child a manipulator, but now fans are positive that Abraham herself is the true manipulator. Fans have always been skeptical that Sophia Abraham’s social media counts are not her own. Some of the language she uses simply don’t sound like something a 10-year-old would say. But a recent comment by Sophia Abraham has fans 100% convinced that Farrah Abraham is impersonating her.

Recently, Abraham took to her Instagram page to post a new photo of herself. Abraham is in a robe, which is fairly revealing up top, and has one leg propped up on a window seal. The Eiffel Tower acts a backdrop for the picture and Abraham captions it with a Chainsmokers lyric about Paris. Following the post, Abraham’s daughter posted a comment of her own, referencing the classic song “Stacy’s Mom” from the early 2000s.

IG users think Farrah Abraham pretends to be her daughter

“Ow ow! Sophia’s mom has got it got on! Off to the spa! Love you mom,” Abraham’s daughter wrote. Immediately fans took offense to the comment. Not only did they find it wildly inappropriate for a 10-year-old, but they also became highly skeptical that Sophia Abraham was actually the person behind the comment. After all, “Stacy’s Mom” came out years before she was born. “Ok but again Sophia is too young to know that song so…who plays Sophia?? I am sure it’s Farrah…and how sick is that…,” one Teen Mom fan commented.

Others were outraged that Abraham’s daughter seems to take a lot of inappropriate photos and videos of hers. “Cringiest comment I’ve seen in a long time, Farrah. Stop pretending you’re Sophia, and try being a mom for once. AND STOP MAKING SOPHIA TAKE YOUR PICTURES!!! SHE IS NOT YOUR ASSISTANT OR YOUR CAMERA WOMAN!!!!! It’s just weird,” the Instagram user declared.

A sad situation

Some people just found the behavior downright strange and sad. “Do you feel like an idiot posting about yourself in the second person for your child,” one person questioned. “Pretty sad when you have to act like your kid and comment on your own post. Just stop,” another IG user chimed in. “I hope honestly that your IG is managed by @farrahabraham. If It doesn’t and you’re watching n commenting this photo, I’m really sorry for you,” one critic wrote in response.

“Man I can only hope this isn’t really Sophia really commenting,” another concluded. Unfortunately, the situation is sad whether Abraham is, in fact, impersonating her daughter or not. For Sophia Abraham’s sake, we just hope the child is healthy and happy.