Farrah Abraham Fans Beg Her to ‘Stop with the Fillers and Implants’

Farrah Abraham certainly faces her fair share of criticism. On almost a daily basis, the Teen Mom alum receives a vitrol of hate on her social media pages. Abraham has received criticism for a wide array of topics. People have taken issue with almost everything she does; from how she raises her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, to her political beliefs. Now, however, Abraham’s own fans are expressing concern with how much plastic surgery she has gotten and begging her to stop getting fillers and implants.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage)

Abraham is certainly no stranger to plastic surgery and she has been very candid over the years about the procedures she has undergone. Though Abraham has stated recently that she cut back on some of the surgeries she receives, fans are not convinced that she has done so. In fact, a recent video has fans and critics alike begging Abraham to stop getting so many cheek implants and fillers.

An Instagram video sparks criticism

Taking to her Instagram page, Abraham posted a recent video of her trip to Shanghai, China. Abraham covers a fair amount of topics in just a few short minutes. From having her mom and daughter send her off to visiting KFC for “one last supper” to encouraging women to wear compression tights, Abraham sure has a lot to share with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. Unfortunately, for Abraham, most fans didn’t seem to take note of most of what she was referencing in the video. Instead, they zeroed in on her appearance, particularly her cheeks.

Fans think Abraham was prettier before surgery

Many fans were put off by Abraham’s cheek implants because they felt that she was naturally pretty prior to getting all of her plastic surgery. They expressed fear that she would ruin all of her natural beauty if she continued on this path. “Travel tips: those cheek implants are waayyy too big. You looked so much more feminine & pretty w/o them. You’re taking away from your true beauty,” one fan wrote. “The cheeks are way too [sic] much. I really do not like putting people down, but it just does not look right. You were so pretty before,” another fan chimed in.

Instagram users express concern

But, the commentary didn’t stop there. Other fans chimed in that the fillers and implants actually made Abraham look distorted and older than her 28 years. “Farrah ya gotta stop with the fillers, implants, and botox it’s starting to be too much your mom as well! Not hating just saying! Have a safe flight to China,” one Instagram user wrote. “I agree!!! She needs to put down the fillers. She’s so naturally beautiful!! She’s heading to the point of looking distorted now. I feel for these girls who keep going back for more,” another fan wrote in response.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what fans think of Abraham’s face or body. The former Teen Mom star has to feel comfortable in her own skin. If cheek implants and fillers are what makes her feel the most beautiful, then who are we to tell her any differently? All we can do is hope that Abraham is getting these procedures done from places that are safe and reputable.