Will ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Be Banned From Instagram?

Farrah Abraham is perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in recent MTV history. The 28-year-old faces near-constant scrutiny and judgment for the choices that she makes for herself and for her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. Recently, the former Teen Mom star has been catching a lot of heat for the risque content she’s been posting on her Instagram page. There are increasing photos and videos where she appears nearly nude. With a growing number of fans reporting her content as inappropriate, it’s possible that Abraham could be banned from the platform.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Instagram photos

Fans of Abraham are used to the 28-year-old showing lots of skin. The Culture CBD owner is no stranger to posting pics in teeny bikinis and lingerie that show off her body. But recently, the former 16 and Pregnant star has kicked things up a notch. Back in May, the Ex On The Beach star started posting topless pictures of herself on Instagram. One particular photo that caught fans’ attention was of Abraham at In-N-Out, because her daughter left a heart eye emoji underneath the photo.

But, the topless photos were just the tip of the iceberg. Not long after, Abraham posted a picture of herself wearing nothing but cowboy boots. Though she’s turned away from the camera, it’s definitely toeing the line of the nudity clause that Instagram has in place. Next came an image of the reality star in just a wet, see-through, t-shirt, and a video that shows quite a bit of nudity. Certainly, Abraham is playing with fire with these recent posts, but is it enough to warrant an outright ban?

IG policies

Instagram has gotten more strict in recent years, especially since it was acquired by Facebook. Though being banned from the platform is considered to be a drastic action, it does happen in rare cases. A good example of this is Rob Kardashian who has been banned from Instagram since 2017 for posting nude pictures of his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna. Obviously, Kardashian broke the platform’s rule that stipulates no nudity, but he also shared photos of another person without their consent. Abraham’s images are of herself, so Instagram is bound to be more lenient. But, if she keeps posting images and videos that are increasingly racy, it’s very likely that the platform will intervene.

Farrah’s daughter

Furthermore, the adult film star’s daughter has her own Instagram page which fans report she often uses unsupervised. Instagram has a policy that clearly states that users must be 13 years of age or old to run a page. As Sophia is only 10, many fans have reported the profile to Instagram. Other Instagram users have been quick to show concern for the child, as social media can be a breeding ground for predators.

“Farrah is the worst. I honestly can’t imagine allowing my nine-year-old child to have access to the Internet unsupervised. At her age, I definitely wanted social media, but my parents refused. They were right. No child should be on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, musical.ly, or anything else. It’s like Farrah is completely oblivious to the amount of weirdos in this world” one mom wrote.


Of course, Abraham is free to do what she wants with her body. But, with over 2.2 million followers watching her account, it’s more likely that she will be banned for inappropriate content than someone who is relatively unknown. It’s very probable that Abraham will receive a warning and eventually Instagram will remove the nude pictures from her profile should people continue to flag the content as inappropriate. At the very least, we hope that someone is monitoring Sophia’s account to ensure that the little girl remains safe.