Farrah Abraham’s Instagram Followers Are Calling This ‘a Fake Flex’

Farrah Abraham is famed for her odd behavior. Despite her 2.1 million Instagram followers, the Teen Mom alum is constantly under attack for making some less than stellar choices. From allowing her daughter to dress in ways that fans feel is not age-appropriate, to announcing personal details about her private body parts, the 28-year-old is constantly under fire. Now, the former reality star is being called out for a strange fashion choice.

Farrah Abraham catches heat on Instagram
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Tasia Wells/Getty Images for EcoLuxe Lounge)

On December 2, 2019, Abraham took to her Instagram page to promote a product for cyber Monday with a new video. In the video, the former Teen Mom star is using a machine that is supposed to be the equivalent of a facelift without the use of surgery. “The ONLY instant non-invasive facelift on the market… Watch to #LiftAndGlow First and only promotion to get a fuller, more youthful glow in 10 minutes.PLF is electric muscle stimulation ! Working 43 muscles in your face. The Serum is the conductive medium infusing collagen & hyaluronic to really get the nutrients in your skin!” Abraham captioned the video.

Farrah Abraham wears a Chanel ribbon as jewelry

In the video, Abraham demonstrates how the small machine works by using it on her one face. As far as videos that Abraham has posted to Instagram in the past, this one was relatively tame. However, that didn’t stop critics from finding something to express concern about. In this particular case, it was the ribbon that the 28-year-old was wearing around her neck. A ribbon, with the luxury brand, Chanel, on it, Abraham likely got it from a gift box which included a Chanel gift.

Instagram users found it extremely bizarre that Abraham chose to use a ribbon as a necklace and had no qualms about stating their opinions. “Did she really take the ribbon off of a gift box and use it as a scarf/choker/necklace thingie??” one person questioned. “I was wondering the same thing. If that’s the style now I have to bust out my old Chanel boxes and get my ribbon off,” another joked back in response. Others were confused about whether the ribbon was part of an odd new trend. “Literally the only reason why I even searched the comments to see if I just wasn’t with the new trend,” one person confessed. “New trend only if your [sic] 12,” another joked.

Instagram critics accuse the Teen Mom alum of fake flexing

While some people merely found the fashion choice odd, others felt that it was Abraham’s way of posing or flexing how much money she allegedly has. “We’re supposed to be impressed by this poser’s brand name ribbon?” one Instagram critic questioned. “The ONLY person tying a packaging ribbon around their neck like this is a person who can’t actually afford real Chanel necklaces. You know, ones that say Chanel but aren’t. $6.99 on eBay to fake flex,” another chimed in.

Of all the things Abraham comes under fire for, we think this is perhaps the least egregious. While it is certainly bizarre to wear a name brand ribbon as a necklace, it’s likely not the first time it’s been done. We’re unsure if Abraham was truly trying to flex about the brands she can afford as she had done in the past with empty Louis Vuitton bags. However, if she was, a simple ribbon is highly unlikely to make anyone jealous.