‘Farrah Abraham’ Is Being Accused of Running Fake Giveaways on Her Daughter’s Instagram

Teen Mom has seen its fair share of drama over the years, and none of us can forget Farrah Abraham. Farrah first got her start on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and she later moved on to Teen Mom OG when her daughter, Sophia, was born. Unfortunately, she’s brought controversy with her throughout her entire career on reality TV. After witnessing personal family drama and her multiple business ventures, the Teen Mom producers chose to part ways with Farrah after her participation in the adult film industry. But she’s not out of the limelight just yet.

While Farrah may no longer be on the MTV drama, she’s still active on social media — and she even has social media accounts for her daughter. Unfortunately, fans think Sophia shouldn’t have the accounts to begin with. And they question why Farrah’s putting giveaways on Sophia’s Instagram that appear to be fake.

Farrah Abraham runs her 10-year-old daughter’s social media

Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham
Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham | Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Farrah Abraham’s Instagram is full of photos of herself and her lavish lifestyle, and she frequently features her daughter, Sophia, as well. While Farrah maintains she’s an excellent mother and only wants the best for her daughter, her followers aren’t fans of their relationship. Many have accused Farrah of not having Sophia’s best interests in mind, as Sophia is rarely around children her own age and doesn’t get to participate in every-day, childlike activities.

In addition to Farrah treating Sophia like an adult friend moreso than her own daughter, Farrah’s also been slammed for allowing Sophia to have her own social media profiles. Sophia has a Twitter and Instagram account for years, and she even had a Snapchat account when she was just 7 years old. While Farrah maintains that all of the content posted to Sophia’s account is really posted by herself, giving her child online exposure at such a young age comes with high risks.

Farrah frequently uses Sophia’s Instagram to promote businesses

Farrah runs Sophia’s Instagram as if Sophia is the one posting, so she’ll write out all the captions and interact with Farrah’s Instagram from the child’s perspective. While fans have mentioned how bizarre this is, what Farrah posts to Sophia’s Instagram is proving to be even more controversial. Sophia’s Instagram is full of product endorsements and business pursuits that are definitely pushed by the Teen Mom star.

Recently, Farrah posted a video of Sophia advertising her clothing line on Teespring to Sophia’s Instagram. And she also posted another video of Sophia trying Prism Pop lip gloss. Farrah also added this video to Sophia’s account to promote her own birthday and a company’s earbuds, and fans took to the comments to slam the mom. “You should keep the ads off your ‘daughters’ page and leave them on yours. Especially something that’s just about you, nothing to do with her wishing you a happy birthday and shows you telling her to pretty much not to bother you,” a follower wrote.

Fans are slamming Farrah for running fake giveaways on Sophia’s account

It’s not just the ads that fans are slamming on Sophia’s Instagram. Farrah also frequently posts giveaways on Sophia’s accounts — and fans are claiming they’re totally fake. “Pony Cycle GIVE AWAY BE THE 20,000 SUBSCRIBER // Sophia Abraham,” Farrah captioned this post on her daughter’s ‘gram. And it’s being called out by her followers.

“Another scam for followers, there is never a winner!” one of Sophia’s followers commented. Another wrote, “What a joke. Any lie to get followers. She’s done this crap before and there were no real winners.” Yet another is slamming Farrah for even encouraging her daughter to desire so many followers on her age. “Why does a KID need 20,000 subscribers? Is it really that important that you have to give away prizes so she can have 20000 plus subscribers?” they wrote.

We know Farrah doesn’t necessarily listen to the negative commentary, however, so it’s doubtful the hate will have any real effect on what gets posted. Perhaps Sophia will eventually get to make her own decisions regarding what goes on her Instagram, however.

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