Farrah Abraham Posted a ‘Happy Birthday’ Message From Her Daughter to Instagram, and Fans Are Concerned

Jenelle Evans might be the center of Teen Mom attention because of her current drama, but fans will never forget when Farrah Abraham took the spotlight as the most controversial mother on the show. It’s still up for debate whether Farrah was fired from the franchise or whether she left on her own accord. Either way, the mom still has a serious social media following where she shares her plastic surgery, her lavish vacations, and her business endeavors with the world.

Not only does Farrah have a strong social media presence, but her daughter, Sophia, does, too. Farrah runs her 10-year-olds Instagram and Twitter, and recently, she posted a video of her daughter wishing her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, it drew major concern from fans. Here’s why.

Farrah just had a massive birthday bash to celebrate turning 28

While there’s been plenty of questions regarding how Farrah makes her money now that she’s no longer a part of the Teen Mom franchise, it’s clear she spares no expense when it comes to her birthday. Radar Online reports the star just turned 28 on May 31, and she arrived to 1 OAK Nightclub in Hollywood to celebrate the special day. She also posted her outfits and her cake to Instagram for all of her followers to bask in.

As she wrote on Instagram with her photo of her and her cake that was adorned with gold marijuana leaf decor, “Love you all for giving me the best birthday month ever 28 is going to be a great year! So much love in every city & every country with all my family, friends- life is epic.” While her party certainly looked like a fun time, her followers didn’t exactly have the nicest things to say about it. “Has anyone ever noticed she never includes anyone else in her pictures? Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised if the party guests were paid to be there,” said one follower — and many others seemed to agree.

She posted a message from her daughter, Sophia, to Instagram

We know Farrah’s the one controlling all of 10-year-old Sophia’s social media accounts, but Farrah still posts to Instagram and Twitter as if Sophia is the one in control. For this reason, Farrah posted a “happy birthday” wish from Sophia to Sophia’s Instagram page to make it look like it was her daughter candidly wishing her mother well wishes. Unfortunately, the post seriously backfired, as many of Sophia and Farrah’s followers showed their concern about the way Sophia was talking in the post.

As one Instagram user commented on the post, “Highly recommend going to see a speech therapist/pathologist for pedolalia, not making fun of her just making a recommendation to her mother not that she cares to help her daughter.” Another echoed the same sentiment with, “Even my toddlers dont talk like this.” And while a few others recommended against attacking the little girl since she’s not the one in control of her account, many others still expressed genuine concern over Sophia’s well-being.

This isn’t the first time fans have shown concern over Sophia’s speech patterns

The way Sophia talks has been a hot topic of conversation amongst Farrah’s followers. Since Sophia is often accompanying Farrah on business trips and interviews, we often hear the 10-year-old speaking — and many have mentioned they’re concerned that Sophia is choosing to talk in a child-like voice due to anxiety or a lack of maturity.

This video of Sophia eating chicken nuggets has many concerned comments from followers who are worried about how she’s talking, too. As one follower commented, “she talks like a baby because she never had a normal childhood. I never see pics of her with other children…only traveling the world with her mom.” Many others had similar comments. Hopefully, Sophia is getting the care and socialization she needs now so fans don’t have to be so worried.

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