Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ Alum, Declares She Has a ‘Grade A Vagina’

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to making ridiculous and polarizing statements on video. Back in September, she mistakenly referred to the September 11 attacks of 2001 as the gas station chain 7/11. She also referred to her own daughter as a “manipulator” in a recent YouTube video. But now, Abraham is making waves with a strange new video in which she speaks openly about her vagina.

Adult video star Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Farrah Abraham’s latest Instagram video

On October 18, 2019, Abraham took to her Instagram page to post a video of her trying out a new machine at a holiday party she was attending at Los Feliz MedSpa in Los Angeles, CA. The machine, which is built for both men and women, is supposedly built to strengthen your pelvic floor. Donning a sparkly black and silver sequin dress, Abraham recorded a video of herself trying out the machine. “CHECK THIS ORGASMIC CHAIR. This brings a much easier non-invasive approach for MEN & WOMEN! For kegil [sic], prostate and much more sexual health & wellness Beni fits [sic]!” Abraham captioned the video.

“Ladies I’m going in and trying at a holiday party a machine that strengthens your pelvic floor, which is your vajayjay. Let’s try this out,” Abraham announces to the camera. She then asks the machine operator what the machine is called and he refers to it as “the kegel throne.” After situating herself on the machine, Abraham cautiously spreads her legs before announcing that she has to be careful because “I don’t wear underwear ladies, I never do.”

Oversharing 101

After making other strange claims about how she was “going to blast off” she mentioned that the machine was doing a good job and that she liked that it was a non-invasive procedure. “I’m not putting nothing in my vagina anymore,” she declared. Later, she offered advice about who could potentially benefit from using the machine. “I would say a lot of moms need this. Like, I know a lot of my mom’s friends pee on themselves. Sorry, the secret’s out,” Abraham said flippantly.

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Abraham brags about her vagina

At some point, closer to the end of the video, Abraham inquires about the strength of the machine. “How high is it?” she questions to the machine operator. “You’re at 100%,” the man responds. “Oh, I’m at 100%? Grade A vagina!” Abraham exclaims thrusting her fist up in the air. Though the Teen Mom alum has made her fair share of personal videos, once even showing herself getting butt injections, this one seemed especially bizarre to fans and critics alike. Instantly, they began expressing their discomfort and ire in the comments.

Critics say Abraham is embarrassing her daughter

One critic was annoyed that Abraham put emphasis on not wanting to accidentally flash people when she previously had a career in the adult entertainment industry. “You made porn, but you’re worried about it being seen through your dress 🙄,” they wrote. Another person expressed concern that Abraham’s actions would have a detrimental effect on her 10-year-old daughter and her budding reputation. “You have a young daughter that will be teased mercifully by her peers because of your actions,” they penned.

Despite the negative commentary, Abraham has managed to rack up over 100,000 views on the odd video. So even if people are taking offense to her actions, it’s not really hurting her bottom line.