Farrah Abraham Says She Has ‘Skinny Girl Problems’ & Injects Freeze-Dried Fat Into Her Butt

Teen Mom alum, Farrah Abraham, is no stranger to a controversial statement. Since being fired from the popular MTV series, Abraham has managed to stay in headlines off of the strength of wildly polarizing declarations, photos, videos and more. Now, Abraham has added one more polarizing video into her arsenal, claiming that she has found a solution to “skinny girl problems.”

Farrah Abraham Teem Mom alum
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Farrah Abraham says she’s found a solution to skinny girl problems

On December 19, the former reality TV star took to her Instagram page to share a video of her getting a procedure. In the video, the 28-year-old boasts that she has found a solution her “skinny girl problems” before slapping her butt and explaining the procedure she is getting. In order to “allegedly” get a fuller, rounder, butt, Abraham allows freeze-dried fat to be injected into it. “SKINNY GIRL PROBLEMS NO MORE @aestheticmedicine_lv has a 5-year artificial fat injection for the girls who can’t gain weight or do not want a major surgery!” the Teen Mom alum captioned the video.

Almost immediately, fans and critics of Abraham began commenting on the video. Some people were offended that she would post a video about skinny problems given how many people struggle with body image. “R u for real. To all the skinny girls? Wtf. How many people in the world struggle with body issues both skinny and thick and you want to come posting #skinnygirl that’s not cool,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments. Others jokingly volunteered their own fat for the procedure. “Where do I sign up to give this fat away I don’t want it, 😂” one person penned.

Critics and fans weigh in on Instagram

Some people felt that Abraham was taking the easy way out. They shared that the Teen Mom star could focus her energy and money towards working out and eating better in order to get the body she desperately craves. “Everybody taking the easy route instead of putting the work in. This country is spiraling fast,” one person wrote, making a huge generalization. “Or you could smash it out at the gym and it’s waaaaaay cheaper.” one Instagram user wrote.

Meanwhile, others were concerned about the long-term damage that Abraham was doing to her body with her constant procedures. Earlier this year, Abraham caused controversy when she posted a video of herself getting butt injections from a seemingly different company. This caused people to be concerned that she was endangering her health. They wondered why professionals kept authorizing the constant work she’s had done on her body.

Is the former Teen Mom star endangering her safety with plastic surgery

“I honestly don’t understand all these docs who keep performing these procedures. She’s at a new place every other day. She def has body dysmorphia..which is so sad since she’s so young. You need mental help @farrahabraham , not cosmetic procedures. I’m not saying that to be mean or being a hater…its just the truth, 🤷‍♀️” one person said matter-of-factly.

“She’s really losing her marbles, stop worrying about the flabby a*s and fix your face. Not here being mean but you keep putting all kinds of stuff from different makers in your body that you’re truly messing your self up,” another Instagram user co-signed. Hopefully, Abraham is being mindful of the side effects of these procedures and weighing them accordingly before she does anything else.