Farrah Abraham’s ’10 Year Challenge’ Reminds ‘Teen Mom’ Fans of What She Used to Look Like

It’s hard to believe MTV’s 16 and Pregnant first aired a decade ago in 2009. Since then, we’ve been keeping up with the young moms as they went through childbirth, ups and downs with friends and family, and ultimately grew into the young women we’re still watching on Teen MomThere have been a few of the moms who have made more of a splash over the years than others, however — and the star to garner the most attention is certainly Farrah Abraham.

Recently, Farrah posted a photo to her Instagram for the “10 Year Challenge,” and it’s seriously bringing us back to her 16 and Pregnant days. Here’s what’s changed most in her appearance from then until now.

Farrah’s entire face has taken on a new shape

Farrah posted two side by side photos on Instagram of her and Sophia that were taken a decade apart. Alongside the photo is her caption about being the best mom she can possibly be, which fans are loving. But we also can’t help but notice the differences in Farrah’s facial appearance.

Ten years ago, it’s clear Farrah had softer features — and that makes total sense considering she would have been 17 at the time. But, considering she’s also been open with her history with plastic surgery, some of this is at play here as well. Back in 2012, HuffPost reported that Farrah debuted a new nose and chin implants to In Touch Weekly. As she told the publication, “I’ve hated my nose since I was 13. I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again.”

That certainly wasn’t the only time she went under the knife, either. OK! Magazine reminds us she’s also had multiple breast augmentations, lip injections, and another procedure to remove the original chin implant.

She also appears to be thinner now, which has worried fans

Farrah’s features don’t just appear more defined now because of surgery. Fans have also seemed to notice that the Teen Mom star has lost weight over the years. In mid-January 2019, she posted an Instagram plug for a weight-loss hot chocolate product — and it’s certainly not the first diet product she’s advertised.

She also seems to be more fit than ever before, as she often posts photos and videos of her intense gym routine. But her fitness may have come with weight loss as well. While she was prepping for a celebrity boxing match, she posted this photo with Sophia that showed off the thinness of her arms.

Her hair is in constant flux

Another noticeable difference between Farrah then and Farrah now is her hair. While we remember her shorter style back when she was starring on 16 and Pregnant, she’s proven she’s unafraid to try wigs of all colors. Around Christmas, we remember when she rocked a pink-hair look for her seductive photo shoot, and we’ve also seen her with bleached hair in more recent times, too. It appears she’s a fan of hair extensions as well, as we’ve seen her with a shorter crop on the current season of Ex on the Beach. For Farrah, her hair is just one more way she can redefine her look again and again.

Sophia is growing up fast, too

There’s one other huge difference between Farrah’s photo from 10 years ago and the current one — and that’s Sophia. We remember when Sophia wasn’t even born yet back on 16 and Pregnant, but now, the little girl has her own social media channels and businesses, and she’s always on the go with Farrah. We’ve also seen Farrah get a ton of flack for how she’s choosing to raise her daughter. Many have noted that Sophia seems to never be around kids her own age and appears highly uncomfortable when she’s on the air.

Even so, there’s no doubt Farrah loves her daughter. As she noted in the caption of her 10 year post, “kids allow you to show unconditional love and being loved it’s a luxury and blessing a new decade that is beginning for a both of us – So blessed.”

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