Farrah Abraham’s Daughter, Sophia, Just Read Her ‘Hater Comments’ on Instagram

While Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood are making Teen Mom headlines currently, Farrah Abraham was once the talk of the town. Farrah was first introduced to reality TV via 16 and Pregnant, and we remember when her daughter, Sophia, was just a child. Now, Sophia is 10 years old — and the famous tweenager has her social media accounts that are operated by Farrah.

Farrah may be in charge of Sophia’s Instagram, but the child is now making videos of her own. And recently, she took to the ‘gram to share some words for her “haters” — and fans think it’s out of control. Here’s what Sophia recently recorded and what her and Farrah’s followers are saying.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia, has quite an online following

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham walk the red carpet
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham walk the red carpet | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

There are few 10-year-olds who have the following Sophia Abraham does. With 672,000 followers on her Instagram, that’s certainly a number her famous mother would be proud of — but since the little girl’s so young, many believe Farrah is thrusting her daughter into the spotlight too fast. Farrah’s discussed how she homeschools Sophia so the child can attend more events. And the famous mom is also frequently posting photos and videos of Sophia jet-setting across the world instead of hanging out with kids her own age.

Fans remain quite critical of Sophia having a life online so young, too. Farrah created Sophia’s Instagram when Sophia was just 6 years old, and the child also had a SnapChat account at 7 before it was shut down by the app.

Sophia just read her ‘hater comments’ to her Instagram followers

It seems Sophia is following right in Farrah’s footsteps with some of her Instagram content. Farrah gets a lot of hate from her followers regarding how she parents Sophia and what she posts online — and she’ll occasionally clap back at the hate with photos or videos. Recently, a video of Sophia was posted to the child’s Instagram, and it shows her reading comments from her “haters.”

“I am going to be reading my hate comments on Instagram and roasting them because, why not?” Sophia tells the camera. “I get them every day. I get them all the time.” She then goes on to read some of the commentaries she’s received online, which include digs on her personal appearance and hate on Farrah’s parenting style.

Farrah’s stated multiple times before that she knows exactly what goes on Sophia’s online profiles, so this video isn’t a surprise. Even so, the mom took to the comments to offer her thoughts. “Your stronger then all the whiner haters, the negativity & proud of you for facing this head on ! Proud of the little lady I’m raising! YOU GO GIRL! Your loved , your gorgeous, talented and a child of the most high God,” Farrah commented.

Fans are deeply concerned for Sophia

Farrah and Sophia may have some support from their followers, but overall, Sophia’s fans appear more worried than ever. From the child’s recent outfits she’s been posing in on the ‘gram to the hater video, they’re telling her that she should stay off the internet and act her own age.

As one follower responded to the “hater comments” video, “Sad world we live in for people to think that this is okay … she’s growing up before her time and Farrah is taking her innocence away.” Another wrote, “I couldn’t watch the whole video. It disturbed me because of how much she acts and sounds like her mother.” Yet another added, “Wow get your kid off social media and protect her. Be a parent @farrahabraham.”

No matter how much negativity the Abrahams get, there’s no stopping them now. We’ll just have to wait and see if Sophia continues this path as she reaches her teen years.

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