Farrah Abraham’s Fans Are Seriously Confused By Her Incoherent Talk About Christmas Trees

We’ve been watching Teen Mom for years, and there are plenty of stars from the show who’ve held our attention. From Jenelle Evans to Amber Portwood, the drama’s neverending. And we remember when it was Farrah Abraham from Teen Mom OG making the biggest splash.

Farrah first attained fame through 16 and Pregnant, and while she was infamous for her diva-like behavior on Teen Mom OG, she’s no longer associated with the show. Now, she gets all of her attention through her dramatic — and often bizarre — Instagram posts. And it seems one of her videos of her talking to the camera is really putting her followers off.

Farrah Abraham’s followers are tired of the content she’s putting up on Instagram

From lavish vacations to plastic surgery to outings with her daughter, nothing is too personal for Farrah to post to Instagram. The star of Teen Mom OG may not be on MTV presently, but she’s definitely still garnering plenty of reactions with her posts.

There have been plenty of reports claiming Farrah’s broke, but she still flaunts her travels all of the ‘gram. Back in September, Farrah posted photos and videos to her Instagram of her and her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, in Paris. Before that, the jet-setting mom spent time in Vegas, and we can’t forget about the travels she recorded when she was in Dubai as well.

Not only that, but fans can’t forget about her plastic surgery posts. Farrah’s made it known she has no shame when it comes to getting work done and has posted all about her injections in the past.

It seems Farrah’s Instagram is loaded with negative commentary from her followers, however. They continue to insult her looks, her parenting, and her vacations, though she pays them no mind.

She’s lost a massive number of followers

Jen Harley and Farrah Abraham
Television personality Jen Harley (L) and adult film actress Farrah Abraham attend Crazy Horse 3’s 10th anniversary celebration | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

Farrah’s not too worried about her haters on the ‘gram, as she’s stated in the past that any negative comments don’t affect her at all. But it may end up affecting her bottom line, as it’s clear Farrah’s an influencer and uses the gram for capital gain. And the star has seen a serious decline in the number of Instagram followers she has.

In early October, Farrah reportedly had over 2.21 million followers on Instagram. By mid-October, this number dropped to 2.17 million. And currently, Farrah’s follower count is sitting at 2.1 million.

Even if Farrah’s numbers drop, she still has Sophia’s account to help her make money. Farrah set up Instagram and Twitter accounts for her 10-year-old daughter. And while they’re created to look like Sophia is the one keeping them up to date, Farrah’s made it known she’s running them completely.

Her followers can’t get over one of her videos she posted

Farrah’s getting a ton of attention for a video she posted promoting her docu-comedy. In the video, she recommends her fans click on the link provided to see what she’s up to — but she also goes into a truly bizarre tangent about the holidays.

“And if you don’t know what to do different for your friendsgiving, or the gifts that you should be giving under your tree, if you’re hanging up a tree this year … click in the link above,” Farrah says in the video, gesticulating wildly with her hands. “Christmas is gonna be wild. And New Year’s resolution — did you even commit to your last year’s? Love you guys.”

Her fans were very confused with the message Farrah was trying to convey. “This is probably one of the dumbest thing I have ever seen or heard,” one follower commented. Another wrote, “What is she on? You cant understand what she is saying?” Yet another added, “Huh? I’ve never heard anyone talk so unclearly and so randomly . If you weren’t so distracted by your reflection , maybe you can focus more on what you say so people can understand you ?”

Farrah never pays the negative comments any mind, but maybe she should since she’s losing more followers than ever before!

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