Farrah Abraham’s Followers Are Deeply Concerned That She’s Giving Her Daughter Colored Contacts

Despite all of the drama with Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood, there remains one Teen Mom star who might create the most controversy of them all — and that’s Farrah Abraham. Farrah got her start on 16 and Pregnant and eventually became a star on Teen Mom OG. Unfortunately, her diva-like attitude and controversial work in the adult film industry eventually got her removed from the show. Now, she shares her lavish life online with her social media followers — and she allows her daughter, Sophia, to do the same.

Sophia’s just 10 years old, but she has her own Instagram and Twitter accounts controlled by Farrah. And recently, fans noticed one video that shows Sophia wearing blue colored contacts. Here’s what everyone’s talking about.

Farrah Abraham allows her 10-year-old daughter to have her own social media

Sophia Abraham is frequently featured on Farrah’s social media, as the two are incredibly close. Many aspects of Farrah’s parenting — like her choice of homeschooling and how she treats her daughter — have come under fire. But fans are particularly worried about Sophia having her own social media pages. Sophia had her own Snapchat account when she was just 4 years old. And while Farrah maintained that she was in the room whenever Sophia utilized the app, many called for Sophia’s account to get shut down after they noticed the little girl was asking strangers to talk to her online.

That didn’t serve as a wake-up call for Farrah, unfortunately. And even her mother, Debra Danielsen, has spoken out about Sophia having her own social media profiles. “I’ve been very concerned for the health and safety of Sophia because of Farrah’s behavior,” Danielsen told Face the Truth. “It’s very hard for me to stand by and watch my grandchild being exploited. I don’t like that.”

Farrah claims she doesn’t exploit Sophia

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham | Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Despite the worry from friends, fans, and family, Farrah maintains that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports Farrah talked about her daughter’s social media activity on The Jenny McCarthy Show.

“I never exploit my child…I know what I’m doing and to value my daughter’s safety and for her own lifestyles and passions and careers,” Farrah said. “All of the kids, and friends in her age group, are all doing the challenges, the Musicallys, all these fun apps. Also, my daughter’s an influencer on some of these apps so if it’s all safe and it’s all fun, I don’t see the need of someone attacking me.”

Unfortunately, fans are noticing Sophia’s Instagram account including more worrisome content. Farrah recently made her daughter an account with Cameo for even more money, and she also added a giveaway to Sophia’s account for the 20,000th YouTube subscriber.

Fans are freaking out about Sophia’s fake blue eyes

There are plenty of videos on Sophia’s Instagram that spark attention, but her recent one featuring a sponsorship has fans majorly concerned. In this video, Sophia’s eyes are fake blue, which has everyone assuming Farrah gave her fake contacts to wear. “10 years old and already altering her appearance… well done Farrah,” one follower commented on the post. Another wrote, “Is she wearing fake blue eyes !!!??? She is like 10.” Yet another commented, “Coloured contacts and makeup at 10. Plastic surgery by 15. Mom is turning this poor girl into a copy of herself. Poor kid.”

Farrah’s quite open with her body alterations and plastic surgery, so it makes sense that she would have no problem with Sophia changing up her look as well. It’s also unlikely that Farrah will listen to the internet hate. While she allows any and all comments to be made on her and Sophia’s accounts, she’s noted in the past that she’s just fine with brushing it off her shoulders no matter what others say.

Will the blue contacts make a reappearance in Sophia’s future? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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