Farrah Abraham’s Followers Are Slamming Her for What She’s Allowing Her Daughter to Wear on Instagram

Despite drama from other Teen Mom stars like Jenelle Evans and Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham might be the most polarizing figure ever to appear on the show. While she got her start on 16 and Pregnant and quickly attained even more fame through Teen Mom OG, her time on the show didn’t last forever. After disagreements over her involvement in the adult film industry, production decided to let Farrah go. Now, she’s making herself known on social media — and she’s making her daughter quite famous online as well.

Sophia Abraham is just 10 years old, but she already has quite the following online. And fans show constant concern that Farrah treats her daughter more like a business partner than a child. Recently, fans have shown a ton of concern over Sophia on her Instagram — and after a video promoting her own merchandise, her followers also think the young girl shouldn’t be wearing something so exposed.

Farrah Abraham’s followers think she’s exploiting her daughter

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Sophia’s been on television since she was born — and because Farrah enjoys being a star, she’s bringing her child into the limelight as well. Farrah’s stated before that she chooses to homeschool her daughter so that she can travel to more events. And the mom has also given Sophia businesses so she can learn how to be an entrepreneur before she’s even a teenager.

Being business-savvy is a great skill to have, of course, but fans are growing concerned that Sophia is never around any kids her own age. And they’ve also expressed worry about the child having social media profiles before she was 10 years old, too. While Farrah has stated in the past that she oversees all of the activity on Sophia’s pages, we can’t forget that Sophia once had a Snapchat account deactivated, as she was reaching out to strangers who follow her.

Followers think Sophia shouldn’t be wearing this outfit

Sophia’s clothing has caused controversy on Instagram in the past. Farrah once posted this photo of Sophia to her daughter’s account — and it depicts the child in gymnastics clothing that many considered too revealing. And more recently, fans are scratching their heads once again at another video of Sophia posted to Instagram. It shows the 10-year-old promoting her own merchandise — but fans took issue with the fact that Sophia is wearing a sports bra instead of a real shirt.

“Hey Farrah, might not be the best idea to put a video of your tween daughter in a bra on the internet for all the creepers in the world to see?” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Sweet lord, child. Put some clothes on.” And another added, “She shouldn’t be in a sports bra at this age.”

They also don’t agree with Sophia wearing colored contacts in this video

Not only did Sophia’s outfit alarm her followers, but a video posted not long before this one also had the comments section booming with concern. In this video, Sophia is wearing blue colored contacts while promoting even more sponsored merchandise. And her followers swiftly commented on how the child shouldn’t even consider altering her eye color, even with contacts, at such a young age. As one Instagram user wrote, “Coloured contacts and makeup at 10. Plastic surgery by 15. Mom is turning this poor girl into a copy of herself. Poor kid.”

So, is Sophia turning into a mini-me of Farrah — and will she follow in the footsteps of her mother and alter her appearance even more as she ages? We’re not sure, as she could just be experimenting with looks and fashion at age 10. No matter what, we’re sure Farrah will keep encouraging her daughter to be her own person no matter what hate she gets online.

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