Farrah Abraham’s Instagram Followers Are Calling Her Out for Disrespecting Yet Another Culture

It may be Jenelle Evans who’s taking the spotlight right now, but she’s far from the first Teen Mom star to stir up drama. Farrah Abraham first attained fame through MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, and we watched her raise her now 10-year-old daughter, Sophia, on Teen Mom OG. Unfortunately, some bad blood with MTV led to her getting removed from the program — but she still has plenty of Instagram followers who watch her every move.

Abraham’s criticized left and right for her parenting, her work in the sex industry, and the promiscuous photos she chooses to post — but it looks like her most recent photo set is causing the biggest splash. Here’s why.

Farrah Abraham added a new photo set of herself riding a horse

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Abraham’s known for her inflammatory Instagram activity, and most recently, she didn’t disappoint. She added three photos of her riding horses while scantily clad — and this came directly after many other photos of her posing in barely-there dresses and swimsuits. And of course, her Instagram posts have been relentlessly ridiculed by the public, as they don’t believe she has as much money or fame as she lets on.

While Abraham’s money situation has been called into question before, the ex-MTV star maintains that she makes more than enough money to sustain her lavish lifestyle and many vacations she takes with daughter Sophia. She said on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast that her licensing deals with various products and her guest appearances at clubs make her the big bucks, so perhaps that’s why she’s always doing these photo shoots, too.

Fans are furious over what she’s calling Native Americans

Abraham’s followers have proven they’re unafraid to call her out when she’s being disrespectful, and one of her recent horse-riding photos certainly struck a nerve. She captioned this photo, “Cowboys & Indians,” which many found in poor taste.

“We’re called Native Americans not Indians,” one of her followers commented. And another added, “Um cowboys and Indians…educate yourself on why that is sooooooo disrespectful. Shame on your ignorance.” Yet another one of her followers wrote, “The preferred nomenclature is native Americans. As someone from the Midwest, I would think you would know how to respect this beautiful culture that we stole!”

As for what Indigenous people really do prefer to be called, that’s been a long debate that’s different for each individual. But there’s no doubt many thought Abraham was exploiting the culture with this tone-deaf post.

This isn’t the first time fans were upset with Farrah for disrespecting a culture

Unfortunately for Abraham, she had another Instagram post recently that many of her fans thought was incredibly disrespectful, too. She posted this video of herself in a bikini while on a trip to Dubai, and a few noted that if this was taken during the month of Ramadan, then she was being incredibly insensitive to Islamic culture. “IF THIS WAS TAKEN BEFORE JUNE 3RD, THAT WAS DURING RAMADAN. As we grew up in the Middle East and gulf area, this incredibly inappropriate and in some cases, illegal altogether! [sic],” one of her followers commented on the post. And we can’t forget that women are typically encouraged to dress conservatively during Ramadan, too.

It doesn’t seem like Abraham took the advice to heart, however — and we’re not even sure she reads the negative comments to begin with. Since her bikini-clad photos are the ones that get her the most attention, good or bad, she’ll certainly be posting more to Instagram. And we’re sure her followers will continue to have something to say about them.

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