Farrah Abraham’s Instagram Followers Question What Sophia’s Father, Derek Underwood, Would Think of Her Now

There have been plenty of controversial Teen Mom stars over the years, but Farrah Abraham still manages to be top of mind when thinking of MTV celebs who’ve made a splash. Farrah was featured on 16 and Pregnant before Teen Mom OG. And before she was known for getting booted from the series for her adversarial attitude and demands, fans knew her best for her sad backstory regarding her ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood.

Derek is the father of Farrah’s 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. Unfortunately, Derek passed away before he could meet his daughter. There’s no doubt Farrah has fond memories of Derek, but many of her fans question what Derek would think of his ex-girlfriend after she posted some NSFW content to Instagram.

Farrah’s ex, Derek Underwood, died before Sophia was born

She may be controversial, but there’s no doubt Farrah’s initial story on 16 and Pregnant garnered sympathy from fans. E! News reminds us Farrah was an average high school student from Iowa when she first started the show. She was involved with cheerleading and a part-time job — and she had also broken up with boyfriend Derek Underwood for being “jealous” and “immature.” Sadly, Derek died in a car accident at the end of 2008 before 16 and Pregnant even premiered in 2009. Derek lost control of his car, flipped it, and sent it into a utility pole, killing him and another friend who was also in the car.

It’s clear Farrah had a lot of love for Derek despite the breakup — but her family didn’t necessarily approve of him. As she explained on Teen Mom OG, “The last time I saw Derek was when I was five months pregnant. My dad and Derek pulled knives on each other and called the cops on each other and it was really sad.”

She frequently posts about Derek to her Instagram account

Despite any past drama that Farrah may have had with Derek before his death, she only speaks fondly of him now — and she frequently posts about him on social media, too. Back in May, she posted this sweet photo to Instagram with a special birthday message to Derek. “You gave me that once in a lifetime love of my life everyone so deserves, you gave me so many 1st’s, from virginity, proms, trips, my first ring, you showed me unconditional love, you showed me what relationships are, from prom, graduation, to our only child…all the events that had happened the entire sequence was one filled with the thrill, love & loss [sic],” Farrah wrote. “Now I share a birthday breakfast in your memory & all our best photos and your childhood photos with our daughter [sic].”

Farrah controls Sophia’s social media accounts, too, and there are some posts on the 10-year-old’s Instagram about her father as well. “Today is my daddy Derek’s birthday! I’m sharing some little memories with all of you guys today,” Sophia captioned this post that shows her and Farrah at Derek’s memorial.

Fans think Derek wouldn’t be proud of how Farrah’s presenting herself today

Farrah Abraham and Courtney Stodden
Farrah Abraham and Courtney Stodden | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Farrah’s no stranger to online hate, as she’s frequently put down for her parenting choices, past with selling adult content, and openness with her plastic surgery. Unfortunately, it seems fans think she’s taken her Instagram content to a whole new level of inappropriate with a recent not-safe-for-work post. And fans took to the comments to question what Derek would think of Farrah now.

“What a shame for Sofia’s father and family [sic],” one follower commented on the post. Another added, “How would Derek feel about you now? How would he feel about you setting this type of example to Sophia? Is the money worth it? Would Derek be proud?” In response to this, another follower thinks if “Derek was alive she wouldn’t be doing this. Shes clearly doing it because she feels empty and needs something that says she is amazing and praise her… shes struggling clearly hence doing this stuff and acting out [sic].”

According to Farrah, she’s totally comfortable in her body, her motivations, and in the way she’s raising her daughter, so maybe she believes Derek would be proud of her after all.

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