Farrah Abraham’s Post of Her Daughter Wearing a Mask During Coronavirus Scare Has Followers Outraged

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is sweeping the globe, and Americans everywhere are warned to stay indoors and practice social distancing to get a handle on the virus’ spread. Not only are people everywhere taking to social media to share how they’re dealing with the isolation, but celebrities and reality stars are as well. And former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is sharing how she’s dealing with it along with her daughter, Sophia.

Unfortunately, like many of Farrah’s posts of the past, her coronavirus posts are missing the mark. Not only has she said she’s currently enjoying the outbreak, but she posted a photo showing Sophia in a medical mask that’s getting a ton of flack. Here’s what she posted.

Farrah Abraham posted about her shopping trip for coronavirus supplies

People across the U.S. are noticing shortages in toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other daily essentials. And Farrah is no different. On Mach 6, she took to her Instagram to show off a shopping trip to the store that featured plenty of empty store shelves.

“They didn’t take the last of it,” Farrah tells her phone camera as she reaches for the last few spray bottles of Lysol and cleaning wipes.

Farrah’s whole video seemed to be making fun of the hysteria, as she also frantically grabbed Clorox gloves and Advil “for the fever.” And her followers didn’t like how lightly she was taking the situation.

“This is so poor taste. People are dying,” one follower commented.

“Only Farrah would try to exploit this virus !!!! Any thing for a buck and to stay relevant!!!” yet another added.

She also claimed to be ‘loving coronavirus season’

Not only is Farrah making light of the virus, but she’s also telling her Instagram followers that staying indoors and practicing social distancing isn’t getting her down at all.

In another video, she and Sophia give tips on homeschooling and how kids can stay current with their schoolwork. “Sophia has been online-schooled for a couple years now, and I wanted her to share some tips and tricks because I’ve kind of got it down beyond coronavirus times,” Farrah explains in the video. Sophia then takes to the camera to explain what works for her.

“Everything can be done from home and online. And I’m super pumped about that because I’m such a homebody and I kind of love coronavirus season.”

Of course, the comment about “loving” the season of the virus had Farrah’s followers up in arms.

“Why do you keep saying you love Coronavirus season like its spring, summer, fall, or winter?!” one follower wrote. “You seriously need a reality check.”

Fans are outraged that Farrah is posting photos of Sophia in a protective mask

It looks like Farrah is also including coronavirus posts on Sophia’s Instagram. On March 14, Sophia’s Instagram uploaded a photo showing her and Farrah wearing surgical masks and wielding spray bottles of cleaning agents. “Self #quarantine ready go team!” the caption of the post reads.

While Farrah’s followers have blasted her for all of her coronavirus content, they’re particularly upset about her using face masks for her and Sophia.

“Blown away at the ignorance and stupidity. Leave the masks for the people this disease actually could kill,” a follower commented. “And maybe stop posting stuff about serious matters for attention like this. Unreal. I feel sorry for this child.”

“The mask only helps if you’re contagious! Won’t keep you from getting the virus love!” another wrote. “Tell your mom to do her homework before she had you guys out looking like you don’t know what is going on.”

“It never hurts to be safe BUT leave the masks for the people that are actually sick so that they DONT spread it!!” yet another added.

We’re sure this isn’t the last of the virus posts from Sophia or Farrah’s Instagram accounts. And we’re sure the next ones will be just as inflammatory as the last.

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