Farrah Abraham’s Rules For Her Boyfriends Include Having to Sign an NDA and More

Farrah Abraham is single and ready to mingle, but she’s not willing to date anybody. She has standards and rules that prospects should know about. 

The reality star wants someone who is “well-rounded, loves [her] daughter and loves dogs.” Oh, and they’ve gotta be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement, too.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

The complete list of Abraham’s rules for her future boyfriends

The Teen Mom star sat down with Us Weekly on Sept. 10 to talk about what she wants in and expects from her future boyfriend, telling the outlet that they have to sign an NDA, can’t call “other people,” and more.

“I definitely know what I’m looking at now when it comes to personalities and behavior and human behavior,” she told the outlet. “I don’t take any chances anymore. They sign [an] NDA. They’re not allowed to call press or other people, be friends with reporters. I take it really serious.”

“When it comes to dating now, especially after all my therapy and relationship therapy, I’ve just seen some really nasty things in men,” Abraham continued. “I definitely don’t need anyone dating me anymore because I’m famous or I’m a celebrity. I take that really serious now.”

Well, OK, then.

Abraham’s most recent relationships

The 16 & Pregnant alum previously dated Hollywood stuntman Aden Stay for less than two weeks before splitting in March of 2018.

“I need to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success. I’m focused on work right now between TV and film projects,” Abraham said in a statement to People.

But Stay denied targeting her for fame or success. 

“Our split had nothing to do with success,” he added to the publication. “I have zero desire to be famous.”

Before that, Abraham dated businessman Simon Saran. They broke up in 2017 after about two years of dating. Following the split, Saran spoke out about all the “bad crap” she’d allegedly done to him, including abandoning him at a gas station and making adult videos without telling him. 

So, while it may seem a little extreme, we can kinda see why Abraham would want her future boyfriend to sign an NDA.

Abraham had previously sworn off dating

The reality star told The Blast in February that while she had been on some dating apps, she had “completely stopped dating.”

She also said she was done having kids, even if her daughter Sophia, whom she shares with her late high school sweetheart, wanted siblings.

“I’m not ever gonna have labor pains ever again,” she told the outlet.

But obviously, she’s changed her tune. She added to Us Weekly that she’s open to having another baby as long as she meets someone who’s “great enough to do that.”

“Sophia really hopes that she gets a brother or sister. I just hope I meet a human who’s great enough to do that with,” Abraham said. “But I’m in no rush. I’m OK being married to myself at this point,” she added.

She continued, “I’m OK with adopting. Sophia is my one and only right now. We have a happy family. We’re great right now.”

Sounds good.