‘Fear the Walking Dead’: This 1 Character Is Still Alive and May Return in Season 4

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead has been interesting, given Morgan has crossed over into the spinoff show. This meant that the timelines on the show are being toyed with, and we are getting some pretty big reveals looking into the future.

The fate of multiple characters are up in the air. Are they dead? Will they ever return? Luckily, co-showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss have shed some light on this and gave some answers. Here are seven things to know, including the character who is still alive and may return this season (page 5).

1. Daniel Salazar is missing, but Ruben Blades is signed on for more episodes

Daniel Salzar close up.

Daniel Salzar | AMC

The last time Daniel Salazar was seen was in Season 3’s finale where he stood on the Gonzales Dam then he got shot by Strand. Some fans might think he’s dead given those circumstances but an answer has finally been given. The Hollywood Reporter previously revealed that Ruben Blades will be back for Season 4 but not as a series regular.

I’m just glad also because of the fans,” Blades told Comic Book. “I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the support. I think the fans are one of the main reasons why Salazar is still around, so I wanted to thank them also. But I’m super happy to be here, working with all these wonderful people in AMC.”

Now Blades isn’t the only one opening up about Daniel’s future on the show. He’s also not the only character that might be taking a break from the screen on the show this season. This is what a showrunner said about a fellow character’s possible return.

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2. Questions about Madison will be answered

Madison smiling slightly while looking forward.

Some things about Madison will get cleared up. | AMC

It’s unclear where Madison is or how she is doing but the show will answer these things according to co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss.

There will be more of Madison’s story un-spun just as we get more of Naomi’s story at the stadium. And, like Ian [Goldberg] said, people are just gonna have to wait and see it unfold as we tell it,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

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3. It’s possible Naomi isn’t dead

Naomi aiming a gun.

Naomi might still be alive. | AMC

Alicia claimed that Naomi is dead but given the show hasn’t shown that there is still a possibility she is alive. Goldberg told Entertainment Weekly, “You know, they were ‘at the stadium,’ and they said she didn’t make it out. But there’s still more of the story to be told.”

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4. Chambliss says Daniel Salazar is still alive

David Salazar standing in front of a wall of photos.

Daniel has been confirmed alive by co-showrunner Chambliss. | AMC

The co-showrunner revealed to TV Live, “He is alive and out there.” But there won’t be any spoilers coming out because he also said, “the details surrounding that are something that we’re still keeping under wraps.”

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5. Chambliss said Daniel is a survivor

David aims and holds a black shotgun.

Daniel will survive by any means necessary. | AMC

Like so many other characters, Daniel has been through a lot. Chambliss said “He’s [made it through] a fire in a wine cellar, then getting shot in the face and then a dam explosion… He’s definitely a survivor!”

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6. Daniel might appear on The Walking Dead

Closeup of David Salazar.

As a survivor, his story could also extend to other shows. | AMC

Daniel’s survival means he could reappear on Fear the Walking Dead. But Chambliss also said there’s “a very good chance” he will appear in the universe which includes The Walking Dead.

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7. In the future, time will be played with again

Morgan Jones standing in a forest.

Morgan Jones | AMC

So what is coming up next? Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly, “In the next episode, we’re gonna continue to play with time, and we may jump to a new story stream that we haven’t seen yet.”

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