Fiji Water Girl Was The Biggest Star At The Golden Globe Awards

Kelleth Cuthbert | Instagram

The biggest star on last night’s Golden Globe Awards red carpet was not a Hollywood celebrity.

The star was none other than Fiji Water girl, Kelleth Cuthbert.

Not only was Cuthbert handing out bottles of water to parched celebrities, but she also owned every single one of those cameras as she photobombed several celebrity photo-ops.

Cuthbert became an overnight sensation

Who says all heroes wear capes?

Wearing a sleeveless indigo-colored gown and holding a tray with bottled waters, the Fiji Water girl was the true hero at last night’s 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

The model shared her red carpet look on Instagram with the caption, “Not the worst way to spend a Sunday…#goldenglobesfijigirl #fijiwatergirl.”

This model knows that she is the one and only Fiji Water Girl!

Fiji Water Girl—who goes by the name Kelleth Cuthbert—stole the show on the Golden Globe Awards red carpet.

She was seen posing behind some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities such as Dakota Fanning, Cody Fern, Camilla Belle, Alyssa Milano, Jim Carrey, and many more.

The great thing about the entire night, all of the celebrities Cuthbert photobombed didn’t even know someone was posing behind them. Making direct eye-contact over the shoulders of movie stars galore, Cuthbert made sure she was seen clearly throughout the night!

Cuthbert went viral just in a few short hours after many fans commended her for her bravery and praised her for iconic photobombing moments.

Not many people would have the guts to photobomb a celebrity’s photo-op—especially while on the red carpet!

The internet has dubbed Fiji Water girl the biggest meme of 2019. Fans have been photoshopping the model into different movie scenes showcasing her iconic camera ready look on the red carpet.

The model’s social media following grew substantially overnight and she now 93,000 followers. That’s a big jump from having 53,000 just two days prior.

This was an epic pr move

Fiji Water has been the official water brand for the Golden Globe Awards for the past 4 years.

In an effort to showcase the water bottles a lot more on the red carpet, Fiji partnered with Matrix Model Staffing to have the brand be photographed at the event.

The idea seemed to work because fans have been loving the attention Fiji Water girl has been receiving.

It is safe to say Cuthbert will possibly be invited back to hand out Fiji Water at the next Golden Globe Awards, of course, if she’s not an international model by then.

Kelleth Cuthbert is an up-and-coming model

Based in Los Angeles, Cuthbert has been featured in a few magazine shoots as well as clothing brand campaigns.

Of course, when the model hit the Golden Globes red carpet, she already knew which of her angels were best to showcase in photos!

Since her red carpet stunt, the model has been getting noticed by agencies and is expected to go pretty far in her career.

Not many people can overshadow some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, but this girl did!

Even though Kelleth Cuthbert didn’t take home a Golden Globe, she certainly was a red carpet showstopper!