Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC in 2018

Square Enix’s video game Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC in 2018, and it will feature Nvidia GameWorks Technology as well as other advanced PC features. The announcement was made by Nvidia during its Gamescom press conference today.

Nvidia and Square Enix are partnering up to create the PC version, officially called Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. While their announcement did not acknowledge whether the PC version would feature any new material, it will feature Square Enix’s next-gen Luminous Engine and Nvidia GeForce features, according to Engadget. Included will be high-resolution textures, advanced grass and hair, advanced shadow algorithms, and ambient occlusion (which controls how much light should be shining on an object), as reported by The Verge.

Visitors Wait by Final Fantasy XV ad

Visitors wait in line by an ad for the Final Fantasy XV video game at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 | Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Also included in the PC version will be ShadowPlay Highlights, which will allow players to automatically record gameplay, edit the clips, and upload them to sites like YouTube. Included are free updates as well as Comrades, the game’s multiplayer expansion.

During Nvidia’s press conference, director Hajime Tabata said the PC edition would be the highest-quality version of the game to date. Nvidia posted the official trailer on YouTube which shows a preview:

Tabata said the new version is “the most beautiful and highest quality version of Final Fantasy 15 thanks to it being developed on our new version of the Luminous Engine. “We still see Nvidia as people who look to the future of gaming. What I really love about them is that they have this vision of what they want to do with the tech five and ten years into the future. The CEO is looking 100 years into the future, and I think in 100 years’ time he’ll still be alive and kicking. The Nvidia team is basically a modern-day group of magicians. For a game like Final Fantasy 15 which relies on showing off a world, it’s such a useful piece of technology they can give us.”