3 Things We Learned From the Final ‘Stranger Things 3’ Trailer

Danger. That’s how to sum up the final trailer for Stranger Things 3. This one differs from previous trailers which were edited to highlight the contrast between the good summer vibes with the darkness that is taking over Hawkins. In true Stranger Things fashion, this trailer reads like a horror movie.

Are you looking forward to being terrified? Along with the solemn narration, the intense facial expressions say it all in this last tease from Netflix. Just in case you weren’t already worried about the fate of your favorite characters, below is what we pieced together from the nearly 3-minute clip.

'Stranger Things' displayed on laptop.
‘Stranger Things’ on laptop. | Getty Images/Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

That gate wasn’t sealed after all

“What if you locked him out here with us?” Yeah Will, what if?! Something escaped the astral realms but fooled everyone into thinking the portal was closed. Even us fans thought Eleven and the town of Hawkins would get a short reprieve from the Mind Flayer. Apparently, that’s not the case.

Who says there was only one gate? El is working overtime with her superhero power as demonstrated with her nosebleed, but will she have to seal it up again? And will she have to do it on her own? In the trailer, her venture into the red, dark void of the Upside Down could be a sign that there is another tear in the inter-dimensional border.

The monster can talk

“You let us in. And now, you are going to have to let us stay.” Um, who is that? This thing is fluent in creepy English without sounding like an otherworldly beast. That in itself has us wondering who’s hosting this monster. Will? Billy? Newcomer Bruce? All of them?

Our early guess was that Billy is the or one of the monstrous villains this season, and that theory adds up once you see him standing in the warehouse here with his pupil changing. And then there’s the look on his baby stepsister’s face in this trailer. At one point, Max is crying. Could it be because her brother is Billy no more? Or are the tears for the real and tangible danger she and the gang have to face?

That threatening voice saying, “We’re going to end your friends” doesn’t exactly sound like Dacre Montgomery, giving credence to the idea that it’s Jake Busey’s character, Bruce. However, saying “we” leads us to believe this isn’t a one-host creature show. Yikes.

An army is coming

On the one hand, you’ll note that the kids are huddled up and taking up arms. Lucas has his slingshot. Jonathan is wielding an axe. El has her tele-everything powers. Nancy’s got a shotgun. Walkie-talkies are in the frame. Our heroes know how to get into position for a fight.

Yet someone called in the big guns, because there are helicopters flying overhead and armed soldiers filing into a dark structure. Are they headed to the mall? The lab? Somewhere on the fairgrounds? Wherever they’re going warrants a swarm of copters and professional marksmen.

Something is clearly happening at the Starcourt Mall as evidenced not only by the eighth episode titled, “The Battle at Starcourt,” but by all the lights going off at the building itself. Pay attention and you’ll see Steve wearing a Scoops Ahoy uniform while holding a glowing canister that’s anything but hot fudge. The mall could be part of the monster’s lair.

We’re almost there, but everyone has time to re-watch the first two seasons before July 4 to reacquaint ourselves with the story thus far. If Stranger Things 3 is anything like the previous two seasons, it will feel like we’re on a frightening eight-hour adventure that just won’t stop. I for one, can’t wait.