‘Finding Escobar’s Millions’: The Hunt for Pablo Escobar’s Hidden Treasure Continues in Season 2

Drug kingpin Pablo Escobar died in a shootout with Colombian police in 1993. Though the founder of the notorious Medellín cartel spent the last years of his life on the run or in prison, his business manufacturing and distributing cocaine made him one of the richest people in the world. At the time of his death, he was worth an estimated $30 billion. 

What happened to the Medellín cartel’s money?

Pablo Escobar poster
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The Medellín cartel had so much cash that they could barely keep track of it all. Escobar’s brother Roberto, who acted as the cartel’s accountant, has said they lost 10% of their money every year to water damage and rats and that they spent $2,500 every month on rubber bands to organize the stacks of bills. The cartel also stashed money all over the place, Roberto has said, according to Vice, and some of it may still be out there, waiting to be found. 

The idea of finding Escobar’s lost fortune is a tantalizing prospect for treasure hunters. It has even inspired a Discovery Channel series called Finding Escobar’s Millions. 

‘Finding Escobar’s Millions’ is back for season 2 

In season 1, Doug Laux and Ben Smith, a pair of former CIA agents, failed to locate Escobar’s hidden money. In the show’s second season, which premieres October 1, a new set of treasure hunters are on the case. Former DEA agents Chris Feistl and Jerry Salameh spent years in Colombia hunting down narcos. Now, they’re back in the South American country to attempt to find Escobar’s buried millions. 

When they worked with the DEA, Feistl and Salameh helped take down Escobar’s rivals the Cali Cartel, which seized control of the country’s drug trade after his death. This time, they hope to locate Escobar’s fortune and return it to the people of Colombia. However, “it’s a race against time for Chris and Jerry who know present-day cartels and other treasure hunters are also after Escobar’s millions,” according to Discovery’s synopsis of the show. 

Searching for a ‘needle in a haystack’

In the second season, Feistl and Salameh will tap a network of sources and informants and search clandestine airstrips, cocaine labs, and remote farms in an effort to find the illicit cash. They’ll partner with Guillermo Peña, a former law enforcement officer and military veteran, as well as Ramon Iriarte, a Colombian investigative reporter, in their search. They’ll also use innovative surveying and imaging technology to see beneath the ground and find the best spots to dig. 

“Pablo Escobar buried millions in the ground, and we’re here to find it,” says Feistl in a trailer for the new season. 

“For years, there’s been reports and evidence of Pablo’s treasures,” Salameh says. “Gold, jewels, money stashed all over Colombia. It’s like finding a need in a haystack.”

Finding Escobar’s Millions premieres Tuesday, October 1 at 10/9c on Discovery Channel. 

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