‘Firefly Lane’ Fans Need to Watch This Netflix Series

Firefly Lane is taking the streaming world by storm, and plenty of fans have binged their way through the available episodes. While we wait to find out what Netflix has in store for a potential Season 2, there’s a definite hole in our viewing habits that needs to be filled. 

Luckily, Netflix provides plenty of options that might help fill the gap. There’s one Netflix series in particular that fans of Firefly Lane will likely find fulfilling and entertaining. 

‘Firefly Lane’ is based on a book by Kristin Hannah

Katherine Heigl looks at herself in a mirror playing Tully on 'Firefly Lane'
Katherine Heigl as Tully on ‘Firefly Lane’ | Netflix

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Kristin Hannah is a prolific writer who has penned several best-selling and critically-acclaimed novels — many that revolve around common themes of love, family, trauma, and recovery. As the FAQ from her author page explains, Hannah used to be a lawyer but has been writing for nearly 30 years. In that time, she has authored more than 20 novels, usually turning out a new one every year or so. 

Firefly Lane features one of Hannah’s favorite characters: “Honestly, I have a couple of characters that stay in my mind after the writing is over. They are, in no particular order — Izzy from On Mystic Lake, Alice from Magic Hour, Tully from Firefly Lane, and Anya Whitson from Winter Garden.” 

In this book, which was published in 2008, Hannah tells the tale of Tully — “the coolest girl in the world” — and Kate — the decidedly less cool girl. The pair strike up a lifelong friendship that spans decades and weaves through promises, secrets, and betrayals.

The friendship that unfolds through the novel is gripping, and that’s what Netflix’s series adaptation captures and brings to excited fans. 

‘Dead to Me’ also tackles friendships in trying times

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Those who have already worked their way through all of Season 1 of Firefly Lane might find themselves longing for more of that intense and beautiful friendship, but they could be waiting a long time. Those fans might find their need filled by another Netflix original series. 

Dead to Me premiered in 2019 and has run for two seasons. An expected third season is forthcoming and will serve as the show’s conclusion. The series stars Christina Applegate as Jen and Linda Cardellini as Judy.

When Jen tragically and suddenly loses her husband, she’s left with shattered pieces of her suburban motherhood to piece together. Meeting Judy, a free spirit who seems to be Jen’s opposite in so many ways, is a breath of fresh air. 

As the show unfolds, fans learn along with Jen that Judy isn’t quite who she seems to be, but does that mean she can’t be the friend that Jen so desperately needs? 

‘Firefly Lane’ fans will find ‘Dead to Me’ overlaps with key differences

Firefly Lane fans often cite the intense relationship between Kate and Tully as what draws them to the series. They get to watch a friendship survive getting pummeled by tragedy and unexpected revelations, and that same recipe is definitely heavily featured in Dead to Me

The shows are different enough to keep things interesting and fresh, too. As Marie Claire reports, Firefly Lane spans decades, with the show “jumping around from the early days of their friendship in the 1970s to their college years during the 1980s, to their midlife crises in the early 2000s.” Fans get to see an intense and heartfelt friendship develop over years and years. 

Dead to Me, on the other hand, is about a friendship in its nascent — but still intense — stages. Jen and Judy find each other in moments of tragedy and overwhelming emotion, and the intensity of their situation fast forwards the depths of their friendship. Dead to Me is also a much darker show, thematically, with death and a kind of gallows’ humor lurking in the corner. 

Still, the core tenets of strong female friendships and the powerful love two women who need each other share binds these series together and makes Dead to Me a great show to watch while waiting for more Firefly Lane