First Full Review of Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Calls It a Disappointment on Every Level

It looks like Inhumans may be exactly the disaster that Marvel fans had feared.

The first full review of the upcoming ABC superhero show was released on Thursday via IGN, and it’s quite negative. IGN gives it a 4/10, calling it a disappointment on every level and “bad from top to bottom.” In his review, critic Joshua Yehl pans virtually every major element of the first two episodes, criticizing the bad costumes, wooden dialogue, boring plot, and unimpressive visual effects. He does, however, praise the giant dog character, Lockjaw.

The first two episodes of Inhumans were presented to critics in IMAX ahead of a theatrical release this weekend, and weirdly, the IGN review notes that there’s still an episode recap halfway through.

The cast of the Inhumans stand next to each other in line

The Inhumans | Marvel via Entertainment Weekly

IGN’s review of Inhumans is no longer available on their website, and it seems that it was likely taken down due to the embargo not yet being lifted. After all, Vox has also published a new piece on Inhumans, and this one goes out of its way to avoid getting into detail about the first two episodes. Critic Todd VanDerWerff says that the recent Inhumans IMAX presentation was specifically not for review, and he states that he isn’t allowed to completely review the first two episodes until later in September.

Still, VanDerWerff was not any more charitable, noting that Inhumans is bogged down by “bad writing, incompetent direction, [and] listless performances.” VanDerWerff also suggests that there are far better uses of $20 than going to see the special Inhumans IMAX presentation this weekend.

Inhumans has been surrounded by negative buzz ever since the initial trailer was released. The first online reaction to an actual screener came earlier this month when SpoilerTV (via MCU Exchange) said that the show is “simply awful.” This would be the second Marvel show by Scott Buck to be panned by critics after Iron Fist hit Netflix and received a 17% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Still, not everyone who has seen an advanced preview of Inhumans was quite so down on it, with The Marvel Report’s Josh Webb-Thomson saying that the show is cheesy but seems like fun. Comic book writer Matthew Rosenberg was also a fan of the Inhumans premiere.

A special advance look at Inhumans will be playing in IMAX theaters this weekend. The show will officially premiere on ABC on September 29.