‘Flip or Flop’: The 1 Thing Christina El Moussa Says Is Helping Her Deal With Divorce

Flip or Flop’s Tarek and Christina El Moussa hid their broken marriage for months before announcing it to the public, leaving fans of the HGTV show heartbroken. However shocking, the former couple has been through many trials and tribulations which ultimately led to their split. In addition to their altercation involving a gun, Tarek revealed to People, “We used to be so energetic … But with the businesses and the cameras and the cancers and the surgeries and my back, we started losing energy. That’s what led us to where we are.”

While both Tarek and Christina are picking up the pieces during their divorce, Christina seems to be thriving personally and professionally. From her children to a new relationship to solo business ventures, she’s been keeping herself motivated while moving on. Above it all, Christina has revealed the one thing that has truly kept her driven while dealing with her divorce.

1. Her fitness routine

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In an interview with People, Christina admitted that her fitness routine has been the best way to cope with the split. She called exercise her “stress reliever,” and gave us a glimpse into how she clears her mind and keeps her body toned.

“There is nothing like a good three-mile run for me to really clear my head and get my endorphins going,” she said. “My other go-to is yoga. I have the most amazing private instructor who has changed my life. Our sessions are very spiritual and have really helped me cope with my divorce and other emotions I’m going through during this time.”

2. Her kids

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While both Tarek and Christina have noted that their kids come first, Christina has admitted how much they’ve been helping her get through the divorce. In an interview with People, Christina said, “I leaned on my babies. They provide me happiness.”

In Aug. 2017, Christina filed for joint legal and physical custody of their children, Taylor, 6, and Brayden, 2. People magazine reports that they’ve already been splitting custody “pretty much 50-50,” so hopefully both children can continue to be a source of happiness for the parents.

3. Her family, friends, and makeup artist

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In addition to her children helping her cope, Christina told People that “[she] also leaned on very close friends and family,” referring to them as a “small, tight-knit group.”

Her makeup artist, Shannon Rhodes, is actually her best friend, so she always has someone around to vent to. Of Rhodes, Christina gushes to E! News, “She’s like a jack of all trades. She does my hair and makeup, she’s my therapist, my mentor … We have fun together. We have a good time. We always make each other laugh.”

4. Her business ventures

Christina has recently stepped out of the comfort of her home design zone and has collaborated with DIFF Eyewear in designing a line of cat-eye sunglasses.

She also guest hosted on E!’s Daily Pop and has made other TV appearances, so Christina is definitely keeping herself occupied while growing her own personal brand.

5. Her new relationship

Tarek and Christina El Moussa looking and working on a wall together.

She has been focused on a new flame. | HGTV

Both Tarek and Christina have been dating other people, but Christina’s new relationship with Doug Spedding seems to be pretty exclusive — and they even have a cute story! According to E! News, Christina and Spedding dated for a few months about 12 years ago, but timing wasn’t in their favor. After she separated from Tarek, Christina ended up running into Spedding, and they “picked up liked [they’d] always known each other.”

Christina and Spedding are both parents, and their kids are luckily close in age, so they’ve all been able to spend a lot of time together. A People insider said they’ve been doing things like “ice skating, swimming, BBQs, just low-key stuff at home.”

6. Her friendship with Tarek

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Tarek and Christina El Moussa are staying friendly after their divorce. | Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Lakewood Center

Possibly one of the most level-headed divorces of the year, Christina and Tarek are remaining friends through it all. Tarek told People, “We’re getting through this by staying great friends and being the best parents possible.”

Even though they’re keeping it friendly, Christina confirmed that she and Tarek “don’t really talk about [their] personal lives.” She continued, “We focus on our kids primarily, and we work together, but as far as dating … that’s not something we discuss with each other.”

7. Sticking with Flip or Flop

Tarek and Christina El Moussa hold tools in a house undergoing construction

The former couple is returning to Flip or Flop. | HGTV

Thanks to the El Moussas’ ability to keep it civil despite divorce, HGTV is keeping the Flip or Flop stars on board. It has been confirmed that 20 new episodes of Season 7 will begin airing in December 2017.

In fact, the divorce may have contributed to increased success of the show. E! News reported from a source, “They were convinced when the news broke about their separating that it was going to hurt the show, especially as more details about their fighting and the nature of their relationship came out. Everyone thought it would be their last season, but ratings and ad sales for the show skyrocketed.”

Hopefully, Christina and Tarek will continue to find success in the show to keep doing what they love, co-parent effectively, and get through the divorce as comfortably as possible.

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