‘Flip or Flop Vegas’: Who Is Aubrey Marunde?

If you like bling, then chances are you love HGTV’s Flip or Flop Vegas. The show, a spin-off of the original Flip or Flop with Tarek and Christina, showcases home flipping power couple Bristol and Aubrey Marunde as they turn run-down Nevada homes into show-stopping properties.

Designer Aubrey doesn’t hold back when fixing up a house. Her signature “Vegas glam” style might seem over-the-top to some, but it seems to resonate with Sin City buyers who appreciate her casino-influenced designs. Aubrey told the Los Angeles Times in 2018 that the couple had “never had a flop” when selling a home they renovated.

Aubrey has been in the real estate business for a long time

Bristol and Aubrey Marunde
Bristol and Aubrey Marunde from HGTV’s Flip or Flop Vegas | HGTV

The couple’s success rate makes sense when you consider how long they’ve been in the business. When Flip or Flop Vegas premiered in 2016, Aubrey had already been working in real estate for 10 years, according to a profile in her hometown newspaper the Daily Item. She moved from Milton, Pennsylvania to Las Vegas to attend UNLV on a cheerleading scholarship in 2001, and eventually got involved in the real estate business.

Aubrey’s been a go-getter from a young age. She was already teaching gymnastics at age 14 and at 19 owned her own cheerleading gym. And because her family is in the construction (her dad is a general contractor), she got a hands-on education in the ins-and-outs of working on homes.

She met Bristol in 2009

Aubrey met Bristol in 2009 when he relocated to Vegas to train full-time as an MMA fighter. (He competed professionally for 10 years.) After meeting at a UFC fight, it only took one date for the two to know they were meant for each other.

“We laid it all out on the table about where we were in life and what we wanted and expected in a relationship,” she told HGTV, “and from that day forward it’s been all about fulfilling our goals and aspirations.”

The two married in 2015 and have two sons.

How they got their HGTV show

It didn’t take long for the couple to start working together professionally. Since 2010, they’ve been flipping homes in the Vegas area, with Aubrey working as the real estate agent and designer and Bristol doing general contracting and construction. Today, they own Alter Luxury, a real estate brokerage and design-build firm.

Eventually, HGTV came calling. Aubrey told the Daily Item that Bristol’s strong social media presence contributed to them getting their own show.

While the show makes it seem like flipping in Vegas is all fun and games, Aubrey says it’s a serious business. She’s called the city the country’s toughest real estate market, and says that being able to turn properties around fast is essential to their success.

“Things move so fast in Vegas,” she told the LA Times. “You can have an area that’s booming, and something opens next door to it and you start seeing declining value. You have to be really careful about which property you select and what you put into it — and how fast you get it on and off your books.”

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