‘Flipping Out’: Are Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis Feuding?

Andy Cohen and Jeff Lewis

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Jeff Lewis has been pretty open about his falling out with his Flipping Out co-star, Jenni Pulos. But he’s also been talking about not getting along with Andy Cohen. That certainly wouldn’t bode well for his future at Bravo given Cohen’s power at the network. So what is going on between the two and does this mean Flipping Out is officially over? Here are five things fans should know.

1. Jeff Lewis posted an Instagram picture hinting that Bravo canceled Flipping Out

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I guess there’s no going away party @bravotv ?

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Jeff Lewis posted a picture on Instagram of him standing in front of a board that has a picture of him with his face crossed out. It also had the words “Contract EXPIRED!” and “Better luck with radio.” He captioned the picture with “I guess there’s no going away party @bravotv ?”

This had fans wondering if this meant Flipping Out was no longer coming back. But the reality star also later claimed Andy Cohen texted him because of the picture.

2. Lewis read texts that Andy Cohen allegedly sent to him asking if Lewis was trying to find another network

The home renovator claimed that Andy Cohen sent him texts after the Instagram picture hinting that Flipping Out could be canceled on his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live.

“As you know, Andy Cohen has been known to lose his temper with me,” Jeff Lewis said. He then continued, “I normally would never read his texts on air — but the reason I would read this is that he has changed his strategy with me.”

He claimed Cohen asked him what he thought he was achieving by posting the Instagram picture. He said he responded with “It’s a joke. Didn’t mean anything by it.” He claimed Cohen asked, “Would it be funny to Bravo?” Lewis said he answered, “I hope so,” then “I highly doubt it.”

Lewis said he continued with “I wasn’t going after them in any way,” and “Just making fun of the situation.” He said Cohen wrote back “Uh huh” then “Looks to me like you’re vilifying the network. They usually pick up shows after they finish their season. But maybe you want to let competitors know you are open for business, which you are definitely doing.”

Lewis also claimed that Cohen texted “You’re just p*ssing everyone there off again and making them think Bravo is canceling the show, which doesn’t make them look good,” then “If you’re doing it to work somewhere else, I get it.”

3. Lewis said Cohen later texted him again after he read his texts saying ‘Don’t ever read my texts on air again’

Andy Cohen speaks onstage at Andy Cohen and Cecile Richards on Activism, Pop Culture, and Why Authenticity Is The Only Way Forward during the Fast Company Innovation Festival at 92nd Street Y on October 24, 2017 in New York City.

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If the texts are real, then it would be no surprise that Cohen would be unhappy that Lewis read them. According to OK!, Lewis claimed the Watch What Happens Live host texted him during the radio show saying “You’re an a**hole,” then “Don’t ever read my texts on air again. You’re an a**hole.”

4. Cohen said he isn’t sure if he’d pick up Flipping Out for more seasons if he could

Cohen no longer makes the decisions of which shows get canceled or picked up on Bravo. But he did say on his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live that given Lewis’ actions he’d probably make a tough decision.

“If I were in charge of programming at Bravo at this point, would I pick it up? I don’t know,” he said according to People. He went on to compare Lewis to host of the now-canceled Chelsea Lately, Chelsea Handler.

“It’s kind of like that Chelsea Handler thing,” Cohen said. “Remember when Chelsea Handler was just trashing E! everywhere when she was trying to make a deal with Netflix? Why is E! going to want to make a deal with her when she is trashing the network constantly.”

5. The future of the Flipping Out is still unknown, there are rumors Lewis met with Netflix executives

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos on Flipping Out

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos on Flipping Out | Bravo

Things aren’t looking good, but there still hasn’t been an official announcement of what is happening with Flipping Out. Reality Blurb is reporting that Jeff Lewis had a meeting with Netflix so perhaps he will be moving on to another platform. Or he could be right back at Bravo with a better deal after reportedly checking out the competition.

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