‘Flipping Out’: Jeff Lewis, Gage Edward Fight Over Custody of Their Daughter Monroe

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward are fighting over custody of their 2-year-old daughter Monroe, the Flipping Out star revealed in the June 18 episode of his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live.

Things got “ugly” when the former partners came together to discuss a single week of visitation, the 49-year-old said during the broadcast, as reported by People. Lewis announced his split from Edward, 35, in January. Now, both have hired lawyers in an attempt to work out their custody issues.

Lewis promised he wouldn’t use his daughter as a “weapon”

Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Lewis and Edward’s breakup was a long time coming, the Bravo star said when he revealed the separation earlier this year. But the couple was committed to making sure that the end of their relationship didn’t have a negative effect on their daughter, who was born via surrogate in 2016.

“They’ve always kept any of the trouble that was going on between them away from her, making it a point not to argue in front of her or around her,” an insider told People at the time. “She’s totally unaware of any tension. They’re great parents.”

Lewis vowed that despite the problems between him and Edward, he wouldn’t try to use their little girl as a bargaining chip.

“Whatever happens, if there’s bumps in the road — and there could be, and this could get a little contentious — I just want to vow that I will never use our baby as a weapon,” he said on his radio show in February.

A $6,000 lawyer visit

Despite attempts to keep it civil, Lewis reports that conversations about custody of Monroe have gotten contentious. He and Edward recently spent three hours with their attorneys to discuss one week of visitation. But despite the lengthy meeting, nothing was settled.

“It was never resolved,” Lewis said. “Am I going to spend $6,000 a week to talk about visitation? It was insane.”

The famous house flipper went on to say that his ex “couldn’t keep it together” during the sit-down.

“He was so angry and irrational that they had to move him to another conference room,” Lewis said. “Unfortunately, during breakups you see people for who they really are. The problem is, when you hurt each other this way, it’s very hard to get through it. Sometimes people do such terrible things and say such terrible things.”

Edward is staying quiet

Edward has not commented on the custody situation. However, he recently joined Instagram and has been sharing photos of himself with his daughter, including a recent Father’s Day post captioned, “Pure Joy. Happy Father’s Day.”

He also seems to be happy to be moving on from his relationship with Lewis. He’s quit his job at Jeff Lewis Design and has been seen on a date with another man. And after celebrating a birthday last week, he had this to say: “Self—that was quite a year. Here’s to the highs and to the lows. We learned from it all. Our 35th year ahead is going to be a great one.”

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