15 Foreign Actors You Probably Thought Were American

Actors often play roles well outside their wheelhouse. Whether a sweetheart plays an evil villain or an adult perpetually portrays teenagers, gigs demand the ability to pretend. But one of the most impressive masks an actor can wear is a foreign citizen pretending to be American.

Most of the actors and actresses on this list have covered up their natural accents for several roles. What’s most impressive is how well they did it. Some even adapted the accent and culture of a specific U.S. region for a role — a difficult task for even the best American-born actors. Here are 15 foreign actors who tricked us with their vocal skills.

1. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary smiling in a dress in Wedding Crashers

Isla Fisher as Gloria Cleary in Wedding Crashers | New Line Cinema

Nationalities: Australian and British

Actress Isla Fisher grew up in more than one country. Fisher was born in the Arab country of Oman to Scottish parents, and lived in Scotland for a time before settling down in Perth, Australia. She identifies as primarily Australian, and her accent reflects this, though she spends much of her time in the U.K.

If that wasn’t enough, Fisher has long hid her native accent for film and TV roles. Those she’s best known for include Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Now You See Me; in all three she had an American accent.

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