Forgotten First Movies of Hollywood Stars

Our favorite celebrity actors almost all have their signature movie. Many remember Tom Cruise for his iconic role in Top Gun, or Robert Downey Jr. for playing Tony Stark throughout the many movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But not every famous actor got their start with a memorable movie, or at the very least not a movie we remember them for.

Let’s take a look at 15 big celebrities and their big screen debut.

Jennifer Aniston — Leprechaun

Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun

Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun | Trimark Pictures

  • She’s better known as Rachel, but don’t forget this campy classic.

Leprechaun, the 1993 campy horror film starring Warwick Davis, was the first feature film of Jennifer Aniston. The whole plot is based around a guy stealing a leprechaun’s gold and returning to America to bask in his new fortune. No, seriously. Although she is best known for the hit 1990s sitcom Friends, Aniston has had a pretty impressive movie career as well. It all started with this one, which she likely wishes to forget.

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